Your 5 Senses Don’t Tell You the Whole Truth…


We are all acutely aware of our 5 senses: Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight. We tend to think we are complete with having access to all five of our senses. They help us shape our views of the world. Touch is important to give us perspective regarding the objects around us. It also helps keep us safe from things that are too hot or cold. Or we use it as a form of affection and reassurance. Smell activates various sensations and even emotions in our brains, from the smell of beautiful flowers, or sparking feelings of nostalgia during Thanksgiving at Mom’s house. Taste is essential for the things we ingest yet we struggle with the “good tasting” things as they seem to be the same things that cause us to gain weight. Hearing also is vital as we employ this sense when determining meaning through words, tone and inflection. Sight provides us the view of our world and we make important decisions based on what we see. We may choose a home, a car, our clothes, or even a mate based on what we see. All in all, we depend on our five senses to help determine our every move in life. And isn’t it interesting when we see those people who may be missing one or more of their five senses, that another one picks up the slack: whereas they may have a heightened sense of hearing if their eyesight is impaired. Or they may have a better sense of smell if they’ve lost their hearing. The Creator has made us perfect in this way to leverage our senses to interpret the world we live in. So in all of God’s perfectness….why are our senses leading us astray???

Let’s first revisit a couple of fundamental truths: God is all powerful. We come from an ethereal place or better said, a place of non-material. We are ethereal beings which is why we have a soul. Our souls are our true selves, evidence being our bodies perish everyday but our souls are everlasting. We were made in the image of the Creator. Therefore we too have the ability to create in this physical/material world.

Everything physical that we see has been created by man (meaning humankind). So why do we value diamonds? Who said $100 is worth what it can purchase? What makes an exotic sports car so valuable? When was it decided that the cost of land in Southern California was worth more than the same property in Southern Florida? Don’t be alarmed, I understand economics, free trade and financial valuation. The point is, WE have given these things meaning. WE have given these things value. WE have given these things power in our lives and associated them with being “comfortable” to appease our five senses. And at the same time, we have become slaves to THINGS to help determine our happiness, prestige, social status and mental comfort. The fact is, diamonds are simply 5 carbon atoms fused together. Dollars are made of 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers. Exotic sports cars are faster than average but you can’t drive them to their potential without running the risk of being imprisoned. The weather in Southern California and Southern Florida are very similar minus the humidity. We are being defined by the material things we have created or given value to. We are allowing material things to define who we are in this physical world. We have become dependent upon our five senses to define our lives and give meaning to who we are. It is at this stage where we have lost all creative power God has empowered us with.

Recently I read this news article which spoke about a new breakthrough in military intelligence. The government and military developed an “invisible suit” that will eventually aid soldiers in combat. I can’t tell you all about the technical aspects of it, but in short, the suit, when worn by a soldier, will bend light. When light is bent at the right vector, a physical object can become non-visible to the human eye. This is a great example of the limitations of our senses. Similar to the big social media sensation about the infamous “dress.” Is it blue and black or white and gold? As a people, we are entirely too invested and solely reliant on our senses. We completely neglect the innate power of creation God has given us and now rely on what has already been created by man. And we trust it completely. This is why our senses have led us astray.

So what’s more important than your five senses and what should we all be doing instead of being so reliant on them? Become aware. Strive to become fully aware. What does that mean? It means KNOW who and what you really are. How do you find that out? A great place to start is through meditation. Reach the place of void in your mind so you may commune with your true self. While in a meditative state, one goes beyond the reliance of the five senses and embarks on a higher plane that operates outside of them. “For if you empty the brain of all thoughts (as in a state of meditation), awareness turns out not to be empty, void and passive. Beyond the limits of time and space, one process – and only one – is taking place. Creation is creating itself, using consciousness as its modeling clay. Consciousness turns into things in the objective world, into experiences in the subjective world.” Dee Pak Chopra, The Book of Secrets

Understanding and adopting these principles allow us to touch on the reasons why we exist and also empower and activate our God-given creative powers. Your five senses put limitations on what is possible and are governed by this physical world. The five senses are given to help protect the body. Your consciousness and awareness are given to help create and deliver your desires and purpose within this physical world. People often say, ‘perception is reality.’ Well…that’s true if you are solely reliant on your five senses. But the real fact is, we create the perception and then become victim of our own reality we’ve created. Your senses should not create your primary reality. Your primary reality should be created by your consciousness and awareness. Create the life you desire by spending time with your true self in a meditative state. While this may seem foreign to some…I promise you, this is all natural and innate to your being. What can be conceived, can be created. This is the natural order of things. Billions of cells within your body have been destroyed and created in the time it has taken you to read this blog. They serve a purpose with the natural order of things. By becoming aware and leveraging your consciousness and creative prowess within a meditative state, we all have the ability to create and manifest our desires within this physical world. This too is the natural order of things. Don’t limit your abilities based on what you can see, feel, taste, touch and/or hear. Unleash your true ability by becoming aware of the innate creative power God has already granted to make clear and apparent desired outcomes and physical things. In short, rather than being enslaved by your fives senses, be emancipated by your consciousness.

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