Yoga and Stress Reduction: Finding Serenity and Calm

Yoga-and-Stress Reduction-Finding-Serenity-and-Calm

“Yoga is a lifestyle and not just a mere kind of exercise to stay fit and healthy. It is a science which unfolds the endless potentials of our mind and soul.” – Anamika Mishra

Stress is a normal part of life; it isn’t something that we can avoid entirely. A little bit of short-term stress may even prove beneficial in some situations; however, prolonged stress can take its toll on a person. It can affect you physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. It can even affect different aspects of your life, including your relationships and quality of sleep.

Different people have different ways of coping with stress. Some take bubble baths, some distract themselves with their hobbies, while others eat chocolates and ice cream. However, are you looking for alternative ways to release your pent-up frustrations and stress? Yoga may be able to help you.

Doubting its benefits? Align To Enlighten and our life coaches in Memphis, TN, lists some of the key benefits of yoga for stress reduction.

  • It can relax the mind.
    Are you thinking about multiple things and juggling various responsibilities throughout the day? If you are looking for a way to calm and relax your mind, yoga may be able to help. When you practice yoga, you will have to focus your mind on one thing while letting go of other distractions. Whether you are focusing on your breathing, holding a yoga posture, or flowing through sequences, yoga allows you to focus and slow down. With practice, you can develop new techniques that will help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

  • It can relax the body.
    When done right, yoga can be as soothing as a full body massage. If you are a beginner, you might be doubting this since you’re most likely experiencing various body aches and pains from holding different positions. However, the more you practice, the more you will benefit from it. Certain postures have a calming effect which can help relax your body. Yoga is also a good form of exercise.

  • Improves breathing.
    When you are anxious or stressed, do you ever find yourself breathing with difficulty? If you are looking for ways to improve your breathing, there are various yoga techniques that can help. For instance, Bhramari Pranayama (humming bee breath) is a yoga breathing exercise that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and even anger. It is a simple technique that you can practice anywhere, be it at home or at work, and it is a quick de-stressing option.

These are just three of the countless benefits of yoga. Are you looking for other tips for personal growth and spiritual empowerment in Memphis, TN? Talk to our experts today and find out how we can help you.

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