Year End – Renewing Your Spirit


“You can’t go back and make a brand-new start, but anyone can start right now and make a brand-new ending” – James R. Sherman

This is the final day of 2017. For many people this is a time to reflect back on what has happened over the past 364 days. Some of those reflections bring smiles while other reflections bring sorrows. Many of us look forward to the new year as a new beginning. A clean slate. A renewing of our minds, bodies and souls. We plan accordingly and create New Year’s Resolutions. We look to create a new reality. JUST AS WE ALL SHOULD. That new reality is fueled by what we desire, our intentions, our goals, our objectives to create a renewed existence. And it feels GREAT! It feels delightful. It feels refreshing. It feels like a new beginning. It feels like ALL things are possible! You feel boundless. Determined. We revel at the opportunities we will create and the new reality we will live. This is the Renewing of the Spirit.

The Renewing of the Spirit is a cleansing of our souls. It is a purging of negativity, dead weight (literally), and all of those things we feel have held back the reality we desire. We NEED this to live our best lives. It is no different than doing Spring Cleaning in your home. Many of us do a deep cleaning, get rid of old papers, clean out closets, give away old clothes, etc. in the Spring time. This is the same with the renewing of our spirits. We purge and then create new expectations that align with our desires. We desire to lose weight, be better people, spend more time with loved ones, appreciate what we have, love more, etc. We desire to be transformed. No different than the caterpillar emerging from its cocoon to sprout wings as the butterfly. It opens up a brand new opportunity to fulfill who and what we desire to be, what we desire to have and how we desire to be remembered. The Renewing of Your Spirit.

What we want to offer you today is a road map to staying on track and in alignment with that which you desire as you go into the new year. Have you ever set New Year’s Resolutions in the first of January but forget about them before March? The plan was to lose 20 lbs. by the end of the year but that all seems to go by the wayside somewhere along the way? Or you wanted to be a nicer person at work but after the new year has “worn off” you’re back to the same ornery person you were before? You were going to have a new, more positive outlook on life but so-and-so made you mad and “affirmed” what you knew all along so “what’s the purpose?” There are three main reasons why the resolutions we set become unsuccessful and/or unrealized:

  • They are too lofty
  • We set too many resolutions
  • They are too far into the future

Too Lofty – Perhaps you want to be debt free by the end of 2018 but you have $40,000 worth of debt. This is not to say it’s not possible to become debt free. (At Align to Enlighten we KNOW and BELIEVE whatever we conceive we can create) But it’s more to it than just “hoping” for it to happen. Defining a clear goal is primary. But when looking to achieve that goal, it is IMPERATIVE to maintain your vibrational alignment with your expectations. Continue to believe, continue to expect AND take physical action to stay on track with what you desire. This goes for any resolution you’ve set.

Too Many Resolutions – While we may consider ourselves to be “flawed,” the authentic reality is, we are made perfect for exactly who we are. Sometimes, in an effort to try to be perfect in our own eyes, we create several resolutions as if we need a complete human makeover. So as you go into 2018, we encourage you to lose the harsh judgment on yourselves. Give yourself a break. LOVE on yourself for EXACTLY who you are. If you plan to create resolutions for the new year, don’t exhaust the list over two pages of things you want and will do. Narrow it down to say 3 things you want to accomplish overall. This will make it more manageable for you throughout the year. And once you accomplish those 3 things, feel free to pick another 3 IF you desire. But love yourself without judgment.

They Are Too Far Into the Future – Some resolutions will take time. That’s a fact. But we live in a “microwave society,” meaning we have been socialized to expect instant gratification. We want it and we want it NOW! This type of thinking sabotages resolutions we’ve created that will take time. Slow down and be in the moment. Be in the here and now of life. Create the goals, objectives and resolutions, but also understand this life is a marathon and not a sprint. Slow down and let them cook slowly instead of nuking your resolutions for a quick fix to your heartfelt desires.

To make your resolutions more manageable, we suggest taking “small bites” in order to manifest what your truly desire. The Renewing of Your Spirit should not be a once-a-year event. It should happen frequently. This will be the way to co-create with the Creator and manifest the reality you desire. So as you set out to begin your new year with all of the things you want to achieve and accomplish, we suggest you take the following approach to renew your spirit…weekly:

  • Sunday – Take time to remember what your overall objectives are on the year. Losing weight, being a better person, spreading love, starting your own business, whatever you planned to do for 2018, spend time thinking about it. Meditate on it. Envision what it looks like.
  • Monday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Cleanse your soul of negativity. Envision your resolutions and your goals. Write down what you will do this week to achieve what you desire. Pick 1-3 steps and that’s it. These steps should be able to be accomplished during this week. Remember…small bites.
  • Tuesday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. Be at peace with yourself. Explore your gratitude for what you’ve chosen to accomplish. Begin to do the things you wrote down on Monday that you want to accomplish this week.
  • Wednesday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. While you are meditating, continue envisioning what your end goal looks like. FEEL what it looks like. FEEL how it will make you feel once you get there. THIS is a continual renewing of your spirit. Now, continue to take steps to accomplish what you wrote down on Monday.
  • Thursday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. Create the expectation of accomplishment in your mind. Expect to achieve the 1-3 steps you wrote down on Monday. If you have already completed your 1-3 steps, don’t jump ahead! Simply continue with your vision and expectation of the larger goal. If you haven’t completed your weekly steps yet, push forward and challenge yourself to stay on track. Or reassess what you committed to for the week. Do your steps need to be adjusted? If so, lose judgement and adjust accordingly.
  • Friday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. Allow yourself to FEEL a sense of accomplishment for completing the steps you started for the week. BE CAREFUL: Don’t get too high on feeling accomplished and don’t get too low if you haven’t completed what you started. Simply be. If you completed your steps for the week, allow yourself to feel grateful. If you have not, do not beat yourself up, but be resolved to be committed in the upcoming week.
  • Saturday – Take at least 5-10 minutes and meditate. Relax. Get centered. Put your goals, objectives and resolutions on the back burner and allow yourself to rest. Don’t give them any overall thoughts. Just be. And on Sunday…begin the process again.
  • Resolutions are GREAT as they represent a renewing of our souls and we create a space for creation to manifest. But to be successful in the manifestation of your desire…choose to Renew Your Spirit on a frequent basis. Once every 365 days sets us up for failure. Love yourself without judgement and renew your spirit often. This way, you will achieve your heart’s desires and manifest the reality you dream about. Have a blessed and prosperous 2018. With LOVE from Align to Enlighten. Namaste

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