Who Are You?


Who are you? Have you asked lately? Who are you? Are you your name, your birthplace, your lineage, your personality, your demeanor? Who are you? Are you your status, your position, your aura, your disposition? Who? Are? You?

Fundamentally, you are your greatest desire. We often times think of desires as carnal or materialistic wishes or aspirations. But your true desires come from within and generally have nothing to do with physical substance. Your true desires have everything to do with the alignment of you and your authentic purpose in being here. Finding out ‘who you are’ is finding out what your purpose is in this life at the same time. “You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny” – Unknown.

Understanding that we are the make up of our greatest desires, and ultimately our greatest desires formulate our destiny, then it stands to reason that we should manage both our intention and our attention in life to align with our desire. By focusing our intention, we provide the fodder, the clay the material that allows God, Allah, Jehovah, the Universe to co-create on behalf of our desires. Then it becomes necessary for us to focus our attention. God, Allah, Jehovah, the Universe finds ways to communicate with us on a daily basis. All we have to do is pay attention and follow the clues. Some people would call this communication, coincidence, happenstance, or good luck. I would call those terms nonsense. There is no such thing as coincidence. All things happen in order and for reasons. “Coincidences are so much more than amusements. A coincidence is a clue to the intention of the universal spirit, and as such it is rich with significance” – Deepak Chopra.

I remember I was working for General Motors, September 2001, and I was disenchanted with my career path. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a series of events unfolded that I now understand as my intention and attention working in tandem with the Universe’s need to fulfill my desires. My fundamental desire was to make an impact at the greatest level for my company. I didn’t feel I was being allowed to do that to my potential. This was made clear to me during my annual review with my boss that September when he told me that my career goals were “too aggressive.” My intention, at that point, was to seek out other opportunities at other automotive companies where my desire could be fulfilled.

Two weeks later, it “just so happened” I was having a conversation with a young dealer who had a duel store; Buick and Nissan. He asked me about what my next move would be with GM. I shared with him the news that my boss had just told me that my career goals were “too aggressive.” He laughed and said, “that’s the GM way!” This dealer had a Corporate contact at Nissan whom he called immediately as I sat in his office. The dealer told the Nissan exec about me and the things I had accomplished with General Motors. The next thing I knew, Nissan was flying me to their Regional Office for an interview. Even though my intentions were made known and the Universe was providing the “coincidence” to support it, we were still leery about Nissan because they had just come out of bankruptcy and they were a much smaller company than General Motors.

The interview went very well and I went back to Keene, New Hampshire, which is where we were living at the time. Keene, New Hampshire is one of the most remote places I’ve ever lived. The one-stop-light town is known for their annual Pumpkinfest during October. Every year the town tries to break the Guinness World-Record they have set every year for decades and that’s boasting the most pumpkins in a square block radius at one time. This particular October the record was set at 28,606 pumpkins in the town square. The pumpkins were all carved with the most wicked faces and ghoulish expressions. It was amazing to see the incredible skill that artists put into carving the pumpkins. The town set up scaffolding, 4 stories high to showcase all of the pumpkins and Keene, New Hampshire once again broke the world-record for most pumpkins in a square block radius. But we had a real REAL jaw-dropping experience that day. We walked around the town square that October with the Nissan interview in the back of our minds along with the debate as to whether this was the right thing for us, seeing as she too was working for GM at the time thinking, how this would affect our income if I left, relocation, salary changes, her position with GM, the list goes on. So in the town square that had just broke a record of over 28,000 pumpkins in a square block we walked right up on a pumpkin, that was carved out perfectly with the Nissan automobile logo! In a sea of ghoulish faces and scary expressions for Halloween, here was a pumpkin simply carved with a Nissan automobile logo! My desire had been to be in an environment where my talents would be appreciated. My intention was to motivate to a company that would provide relief to my desire. My ATTENTION was in line when God, Allah, Jehovah, the Universe TOLD me that this was the place for me to go! Via a pumpkin! I left General Motors the next week and went on to have an awesome experience working for Nissan for 9 years.

Paying attention to the things we label as “coincidence” in our lives will help open the doors of your desires. This is one of the ways that God looks to communicate with us on a daily basis. We get lost in understanding WHO we truly are because “I’ve got bills to pay, a mortgage to meet and a job to do.” But that’s not WHO you are. Those are simply things you DO. Many of us have lost sight of WHO we truly are thus losing sight of our true desires. So by asking yourself…WHO AM I? and listening intently in the silence for the answer, will provide a better path to finding and living in your true purpose which will provide for authentic joy and happiness. Understand for yourself what your true desires are. Then set every intention to live out your desires. Be limitless in your desire AND in your intention. Loose all boundaries that hold you in place. From this point, PAY ATTENTION to circumstances as they unfold in your life. Take every thing that you once labeled as “coincidence” and receive it as opportunity and confirmation. And here’s the real kicker…when you start to acknowledge those subtle things as not mere coincidences but more so opportunity and confirmation, THE MORE THEY WILL START TO UNFOLD FOR YOU!!! These opportunities come in small as well as large packages. The example I provided was a massive example. But sometimes they are more subtle. The important thing is to start recognizing them. Typically, we express desire, operate with intent and then ignore the synchronicity that supports the manifestation of those desires the Universe puts in our path because we’re too busy “living life” and managing the rat-race we’ve created. A more impactful way is to discover desire within yourself. Operate in full intent while in alignment with that desire while expecting it to manifest. And then pay attention to the signals, the signs, the markers, the coincidences, the flukes, the chance encounters, the things that happen that support your desires and acknowledge them as they are happening. They all add up to your greater destiny. Think about it like this…instead of seeing life as strictly linear cause and effect, understand your life as a symphony. A literal symphony made up of countless instruments playing an infinite score that is the orchestration of your life where YOU are the conductor! Write your music through your desires. Intend for your musical piece to be masterful. Listen attentively as it plays while acting and directing the tempo to create the harmony that satisfies you. Rediscover WHO YOU ARE by discovering your authentic desires in this life. The things that make you happy yet have nothing to do with money or material things. Here, you will find yourself. From this place, develop your intent. Act on your intent. Then simply pay attention to the synchronistic symphony that plays the score of your life.

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