Week 52 – The Gift in You!


Think about the joy you feel when watching someone open a gift. Many of you have been or will experience this joy today. The anticipation, the surprise, the anxiousness the person feels as the receiver and quite frankly, the anxiousness and anticipation you feel as the giver. You want the receiver of your gift to be happy. You want them to feel joy at the token of appreciation that you gave. You took time, spent money, wrestled through the mania in the stores, you worked long, hard hours to be able to provide gifts on this day. As you watch the person open their gift there is gleam in both the eyes of you and the receiver. Both people are seeking something here. Both people desire a joyous experience. Of course if you’ve experienced any life at all, you come to realize that there’s as much if not more joy in giving as there is in receiving.

In speaking to a friend of mine who received a gift that she did not like, she asked me “if I’m striving to live my authentic truth, how should I respond to a gift I really don’t like?” She was perplexed at her desire to express her truth (she didn’t like the gift) and her desire to not hurt the person’s feelings. She had no intention in using the gift. She saw no value in the gift, nor any value in the gesture; and felt almost disdain towards the person who gave the gift in that she felt it was not well thought out.

It’s been stated that the purest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous (8 Degrees of Giving/Charity), and certainly I can see why. There is a certain expectation we have when we give a gift, a certain level of gratitude that we expect to be reciprocated. And if it is not, sometimes we allow ourselves to fall out of alignment. We become disappointed, sad, angry, we hold a grudge and often make statements like, “I’ll never do anything like that for him/her again.” Well wait a minute! Why did you give the gift? Did you do it for the recognition of the receiver or did you JUST DO IT? It takes a very connected person to give a gift or to give anything and not expect something in return, even if it’s just a simple smile. I remember driving on the expressway one day and happened to glance over in the car driving next to me. Inside was the prettiest little girl sitting in the back seat. As they drove past me, the girl was glaring at me, and I looked at her and gave her a big smile. She responded to my smile by frowning and sticking her tongue out at me (LOL)!!! There was a lesson in that for me. Do the best you can do to just give your gift. Just give it. Don’t expect a mutual sign of gratitude or anything in return. Give your gifts without conditions. That’s loving and living unconditionally!

Your greatest gift you could give anyone is your happiness. This may sound a little contradictory on this day of Christmas when most are giving material gifts out of the joy it brings others. And certainly material gift giving has its wonder and fulfillment. However, the greatest gift that you could ever give another is your own happiness. For it is when you and I are in a state of pure joy and happiness that we are fully connected to our higher self, and this is truly who we are, we are being our authentic selves. When we can tap into this state of pure bliss and maintain that connection, anything or anyone that we choose to focus our attention on receives tremendous benefit (The Gift).

Every good feeling, every positive emotion; all of your clarity, confidence, vitality, well-being, and all the things you consider to be good, are dependent upon the way you are feeling right now and on the relationship that that feeling has with the vibration of who you really are and what you truly desire.

The greatest gift to give is your happiness; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. E. Muhammad

Out of your deliberate intention to focus yourself into a joyous state of being and willingness and commitment to maintain this state, you offer to this Universe and particularly to those who come into contact with you, pure- positive- energy. You offer a stream of well-being that is contagious. Maintaining this state, this alignment causes those who interact with you and even those who don’t come in direct contact with you, to FEEL this pure positive energy. The love that emanates from this energy, the love that emanates from one who is in complete alignment with the Source from which they were created is the best feeling anyone could feel.

Your happiness does not depend on what others do or don’t do.

Your happiness depends solely on your vibrational balance. And the happiness of another does not depend on you, but on their own vibrational balance. The way anyone feels at any moment is all about their own mix of energies. As we’ve stated throughout this journey, the way you feel at any given moment is always the indicator of two things: (1) How you perceive a subject versus your inner being’s perception on that subject and (2) The vibrational balance between what you truly desire and the vibration you’re offering. How you’re feeling at any moment is always an indicator of only these two things.

We are empowered Beings free to create any state of mind we choose. When you come to know this and are focused upon things that are in vibrational harmony with that, you feel absolute joy. Give the gift that keeps on giving. JUST GIVE! No conditions!! Give your joy, your happiness, and your alignment and be the greatest recipient to your giving.

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