Week 52 – Creating Your Own Miracles


Today’s post stems from a conversation held earlier this week regarding blessings and luck, the major differences between the two, and how to create your own blessings. In the conversation, we were discussing the terms “luck” versus “blessings.” The obvious difference being that blessings are believed to come from a higher power or source while luck is usually thought to be merely happenstance or a chance occurrence of something happening. We say, “Wow, what a blessing, you survived cancer.” And we also at times say, “Wow, she’s so lucky, she won the million dollar jackpot.” We tend to attribute “blessings” towards things that are more serious, like life/death experiences, landing the job you wanted when things were tight, etc. While we lend luck to more frivolous things like a ball dropping through the hoop after it danced around the rim of the basket for a last minute score, or finding money on the ground that you really didn’t need, or pulling the ace of spades in a card game, and so on. We tend to shun away from using the word luck as if it has some blasphemous connotation. When a football kicker kicks the ball and it hits the upright and then deflects inside the upright and a score happens – is that a blessing or luck or simply good fortune? Either way you see it, maybe we can all agree that with either of these terms, you’re put in a better position than you were previous be it luck, blessing, or good fortune. But what we want to discuss today takes it a little further – we would like to discuss Creating Your Own Miracles.

“There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

What is a Miracle?
The dictionary describes a miracle as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” When we think about a “miracle” happening we tend to look at an occurrence that stems beyond a blessing and certainly deeper than good fortune or luck. A miracle is something that by all odds, was not supposed to happen. It seems impossible to happen, then it happens. When something miraculous takes place it is usually unexplainable, unexpected, and unanticipated. It falls into the realm of the divine and oftentimes we simply say “Praise God.” So we don’t usually think of miracles as being able to happen every day in our lives. But they can!

What would constitute a miracle in your life? Think about it for a second. What is it right now, at this very second, that would fall into the realm of a miracle for you? More money, 100 pound weight loss, debt-free, a new career, cancer-free, world peace? What would do it for you?

I only use sports as an analogy because it’s easy and relatable. But it amazes me how two sports teams can pray the sincerest, earnest prayer to God to beat the other team. And then it comes down to the wire, score tied, and one team does something that by all standards seems to be a fluke (football hitting the upright, basketball goes in on impossible odds, the golfer hits a hole-in-one from an impossible distance). Can these be considered miracles?

Of course we use the term miracle loosely at times, like being able to comfortably fit into that suit you’ve had for 15 years that you thought was too tight for you, or we discover the job of our dreams we didn’t know existed, or the vet tells us there’s an effective affordable treatment for our ailing dog. IT’S A MIRACLE!!! But even as minute as all this is on the grand scheme of things it doesn’t discount the wonder and marvel we feel. Remember the definition of a miracle as a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

How can you create your own miracle?
So the question becomes do we have any influence and impact on our miracle occurrences? Can we increase the chances (if you will) of receiving a blessing? Does it come from righteous behavior, prayer, obedient sacrificing to a higher power, charitable contributions, etc? The answer is simple. Your life can be filled with miracles EVERYDAY!

Here’s the understanding you must have.

  • We are mostly and primarily spiritual beings. You are not your body or your emotions or your mind. Our inner, spiritual-being is unlimited. Therefore, what you are is also unlimited.
  • Universal Law is impartial and unemotional. It will willingly gives you anything you believe in.
  • This is an attraction based world and Universe we live in. Nothing comes to you except by your attraction to it- both desired and undesired- through the powerful thought based concept of Law of Attraction. You attract what you focus your attention on.
  • The biggest thing to know is that you have tremendous power within you that you can use whenever you choose to exercise it!
  • This being said. How can you use the above understanding to create your own miracles?

First, believe that you in fact do have influence on your own miracles. Moreover, you are the only influencer on your miracles. You possess the greatest impact on your ability to have daily miracles occur in your life. Start with this belief.

Second, write down on a piece of paper, in order of importance, the things and conditions you want. Do not let the mind “advise” you; it has limitations. Shoot for the moon, and be sure you leave nothing out. Chop and change your list until you are comfortable with it, but be clear about what you want. Use exact and precise wording to describe the conditions you require. Remember, the system (Universal Law) works, so you must be definite in the way you describe your wants. I would start with 1 to 3 things of desire.

Here is what you do: (1) Read your list three times a day — once when you rise, once in the middle of the day, and once before bed. (2) Meditate on your miracles from time to time, and KNOW that it has been received and is just about to deliver- EXPECT IT! (3) Maintain silence. Talking about your miracles dissipates the energy drastically. Therefore, you should not share your miracles with others until they happen. (4) Always act and think about your miracles as though you already have the conditions you desire. This is the tough part because we’re only accustomed to feeling good when we have something to feel good about. But when you can train yourself to put yourself in that feel good space BEFORE the miracle- the miracles will come. (5) Be open and welcoming to communication from your inner inner-being as it instructs you in ways of getting what you want. Your heart’s desire can come from anywhere, so do not limit your field of expectation. Remain open and flexible at all times.

As we prepare to enter into a new year, let’s be miracle making power houses. Lets’ no longer continue to let life just happen, creating by default. Let’s start changing and creating our own realities and miracles with deliberate intent.


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