Week 51 – Empathy and Empowerment


Empathy – em·pa·thy [ˈempəTHē/]
noun – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
The San Bernardino attacks, 14 people killed. Treyvon Martin, a child shot to death. Eric Garner choked to death by police officers in New York. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, 20 children and 6 adults slain. The Paris Terror Attacks, 130 people killed. These are chilling, terrifying events that are happening in our world today. The news and everywhere we turn bombards our lives with coverage of these atrocious events. As humans we feel empathetic, sympathetic, horrified, troubled, sorrowed, angry, frustrated, unsafe and victimized by the evil acts of others. I am not immune to these feelings or thoughts that stem from empathy. I too feel concern, worry, anger and compassion. “What is the world coming to? When will this stop? How can we keep our children safe? How do we thwart this evil?” These are some of the questions we tend to ask in response to what we see happening abroad and most recently in our own communities. But before we become victimized by our own empathy, let us first understand empowerment.
Empowerment – em-pow-er-ment [ɪmˈpaʊəmənt]
noun –

  • the giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization
  • the giving of an ability; enablement or permission

Let us talk specifically to spiritual empowerment and what that means in our daily lives. First off, we are not human beings who occasionally have a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Everything about who you are begins with the understanding that you are a soul (ethereal being) manifesting yourself, your existence through a body (material being). God, Allah, Jehovah, Source Power, The Creator, The Most High, created us in His image and has endowed us with the ability to CREATE, just as He has and continues to do in this material world. Therefore, when we consider spiritual empowerment, let us understand and be clear about the fact that The Creator has granted us the ability to alter, change, manifest and create the realities we seek. When considering evil and the evil acts that people or groups of people do, understand that evil is a distortion of a personal reality. Evil is a distortion of a personal reality. The young men from the Columbine High School massacre carried a distortion of their personal realities. It’s not that they didn’t actually feel picked on or bullied or depressed or left out, secluded, made fun of, etc. which is partly the reason on why they did what they did. But more important to our understanding is, those young men had a mutated sense of how to resolve what they felt and the distortion of their realities suggested they should kill to relieve the pain they felt by inflicting pain on others…hence, evil. The same holds true for the various terrorist groups around the world and in our country. The same holds true for several law-enforcement officers who carry out police brutality and senseless killings of innocent people. The same holds true for a mother who drowns her 6 children. All of these people have one thing in common…a distorted sense of a personal reality. HOWEVER, WE ARE EMPOWERED TO FACILITATE AND MANIFEST CHANGE!
Let me provide one more definition of something I learned about while taking a communications class in college; Group Think. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints, by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. This is Isis, some groups of Law Enforcement, racist hate groups, etc. that perpetuate and act out the various heinous acts we see in our society today. So how do we combat or counteract this villainous behavior?
It begins with the empathy you feel. The empathy you feel SCREAMS “this is wrong! This is unacceptable! This must STOP!” Where we miss the next step is by continuing to focus on what we perceive as “the problem” as opposed to focusing on the solution. Our empathy takes over at times and we continue to wallow in the sorrow and the pain and the frustration and anger we feel toward the situation. As we’ve stated and continue to emphasize, the Law of Attraction is true and absolute. What you focus on expands. The more we focus on what we feel regarding any given situation has no choice but to continue to grow and expand. Therefore, focusing on the solution is what will deliver your desired result. As things happen in your life that make you uncomfortable, understand that in that very moment you are being given an opportunity to grow. You are being given a gift to expand and change for the better. It is up to us at that moment to choose…become a victim of our own empathy and continue to feel, think and speak of the despair, destruction and pain; or choose to be spiritually empowered and devote our energies to the solutions of peace, harmony, synchronization and unity. Either way, wherever we focus our energy, thought, feeling and word…it will manifest. THIS is the spiritual empowerment The Most High has given to us as spiritual beings having a human experience.
So imagine how Group Think works for those people who are spiritually empowered and exercise that empowerment. One example of this is the Civil Rights Movement. GROUP THINK! Most recently I’ve watched a series that Oprah Winfrey is heading up called Super Soul Sessions on the OWN Network. EVERYONE on the show so far has a different perspective, but the common denominator is POSITIVITY AND PEACE!!! Love her or hate her (your choice), when you consider Oprah Winfrey’s platform or audience no one can deny her reach. Millions of people are tuning into ANYTHING Oprah has to say. That’s a fact. SO, when you organize an event where the sole purpose is to create and share more positivity and peace…GROUP THINK happens!!! But in an ultra-positive way instead of the negative suppression of outside ideas or influences!!! With millions of people focusing on the solution as opposed to the perceived “problems,” positivity snuffs out the evil that we spoke about! We ALL emit vibrational markers that are derived from what we think, feel and say. A collective vibrational marker based in peace, love and harmony is the most powerful force in our Universe. Its power FAR outweighs the evil. Once again, evil is the distorted view of one’s personal reality. So if WE, the collective, decide that we desire peace and we set out to manifest that positive energy for peace and harmony, in search of manifesting solutions instead of focusing on perceived problems, then the positive outcomes and solutions have no choice but to show up in our lives! The Law of Attraction is absolute.
This week as you go about your life, take a look at the various perceived challenges you have. Do not focus on them at all. Do not give power to your perceived lack of something. Instead, focus your energy and attention on what you desire. What is the reality you long for in your life. What is the reality you desire for our world? What is the reality you desire for your children? For those people who have a distorted sense of personal reality, evil, they manifest their desires and outcomes. Do not think for one second that YOU don’t have that same power to manifest YOUR reality and the reality of others from a sense of positivity, harmony and peace. Use empathy as a catalyst for empowerment. If you’re angry about terrorism, what is your desired outcomes? And it shouldn’t be to bomb the foreign country from where they came from. But instead, focus your energy on peaceful resolution and understanding for both sides. If you’re frustrated with police brutality and seemingly reckless abandoned for human life in America, focus your energies on a solution of safety and harmony between those police officers and the civilians of our country. Again, use empathy as your catalyst for empowerment. God has given you the power. The power to manifest the reality in which you desire. The more people gain that understanding, the more peaceful the world will become and the more happy you will be in your life despite the evil things you see happening in the world. A thunderstorm begins with one rain drop. BE that rain drop. The ocean is forever changed by the casting of a pebble. BE the pebble cast in the ocean that causes the ripple effect that alters the course of the current and waves. BE spiritually empowered.

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