Week 51 – Blissfully Ignorant


“Peace is not created by circumstance, situation or condition. Peace is individually created from within” – Gene Black

Noise. Noise can be a good thing, such as calming music, a sultry singing voice, a relaxing reassurance from a loved one. But sometimes noise can be intrusive, disruptive and interrupt life. It is important to understand noise and how it functions in terms of the desires you have for peace. Peace within yourself and ultimately, peace in the world.

Look around. We are bombarded with constant…”noise.” Noise of Donald Trump. Noise of Russia. Noise of celebrities’ lives. Noise of the economy. Noise of racial tension in America. Noise of “reality television.” Noise of scandal, intrigue, social injustice, opinion and overall unrest. Noise of anxiety, worry, frustration, anger, ego, self doubt, judgment and ungratefulness. This is all noise that detracts from and undermines…peace. To that end, I choose to turn the noise of society down and look to remain blissfully ignorant to it all.

I choose not to watch the news except on rare occasions. I choose not to engage in conversations of politics or religion. I choose not to follow the lives of celebrities and whatever “scandals” have been created. I choose not to subscribe to ANYTHING that does not align with the inner peace I desire. Why? Because outside “noise” doesn’t serve me well and means me no good. And I desire goodness and well-being. So my friends ask me, “don’t you care about what’s going on in the world?!?!? How can you live like that??? You’re just putting your head in the sand HOPING that things will get better!” And my response is typically, “no…but your worry or anger towards what you see and the internalization of those feelings only serves to bring you more of the same and continue to contribute to what is bringing you angst in the first place.”

When your focus is peace, and you are diligent in creating that peace from within, it begins to compound upon itself. That peace grows within YOU first and then builds and expands…just like when you are angry about something in the news and your anger builds, grows and expands in you and to the other people around you. Focused peace from within creates like or similar energy and attracts more of the same unto itself to the point where you and everything around you operates within that same peaceful, orderly, tranquil vibration. Whatever we are focused on is what we receive. 100% of the time. So if I am focused on peace, tranquility and joy…that is what the Universe will deliver back to me. But internalizing what amounts to “noise” around me does not support my inner desire of peace: peace that grounds my inner being and is also illuminated from me to the rest of my daily experience. This is how we affect change in the world. From the inside out. Not from the outside in.

Think of a quiet meadow and a gentle breeze. The aroma of flowers is in the air. Majestic trees are all around. You don’t have anywhere to be. You are free to be in that moment of bliss. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of the birds and the rustling of the leaves with the wind. You stop, look around and see nothing but unadulterated beauty. You immediately realize peace. This image and feeling of tranquility is not only reserved for the actual event. Walking in this type of peace is meant for you to have and available to you every day. All day. All it takes is for you to call upon it. The chaos, the hustle & bustle, the drama of everyday will not bring peace. Individual peace is created from within. Putting this into practice requires three simple things: Awareness & Intention, Lack of Judgment and the Active Seeking of Peace.

Awareness & Intention

When we are aware of what we desire, we begin to put context to life. I am aware that I desire authentic peace. Therefore, as things arise in my daily life, I am able to put them in the order of importance in accordance to how I CHOOSE to feel. My intention is peace. So when Joe Blow at work says something I don’t like or is meant to spark a negative reaction from me, I revert back to the awareness of, I have a choice to feel what I choose to feel. And I choose to feel peaceful no matter what! My intention will support my choice by not reacting to the “noise” around me but offering me an alternative to my immediate reaction. Your ego may say, “but he made me MAD! I’m going to get even with him!” I’d offer, you allowed yourself to be pulled into anger by the vibrational marker Joe Blow was intending to emit. I’d also offer, there’s no “getting even” unless you choose to keep score. And if you ARE keeping score, just know there is no “winning” of that game. Choose to focus on how you desire to feel.

Lack of Judgment

Every single person on this planet is living a unique experience. Let this be your first understanding. No two people’s life experiences are the same. Yet, we all tend to pass judgment on others. That judgment we typically pass is based on our own personal experience of what we consider right or wrong. We tend to judge ourselves just as harshly with our own experiences. The thing is, judgment impedes the progress of peace. Being open and accepting, while acknowledging every person is living a unique experience to them, creates freedom of your soul. You may say, “but I have a right to judge! People do crazy things that are just plain WRONG!” Perhaps they do. But unless you have a heaven or hell to send them to, or unless it is your occupation to pass judgment and enforce law & order…your judgment is futile and inconsequential. And ironically, it is the judgment we levy upon others that keeps US in spiritual bondage. Having the need to prove you are “right” and someone or something else is “wrong” is a perpetual mental wrestling match with no winner. Ever. Release judgment of others and of yourself to create spiritual freedom and peace from within.

Actively Seek Peace

Proactively seeking peace is like sending out spiritual scouts before you to explore new frontiers of tranquility for your soul to settle. When we proactively go into any situation, circumstance or condition with the expectation of peace, it becomes extremely difficult NOT to find it. You know that Joe Blow at work normally looks to antagonize everyone so you typically go to work tense when thinking about how you will interact with him. Instead of doing this, choose to seek peace with Joe Blow before you arrive. Envision peace with Joe Blow no matter what he says or does. When you do this, you are creating your vibrations of inner peace before you even have the encounter. If you call on peace first, peace is what will come.

Blissful ignorance does not mean we ignore the things that are happening around us in the hopes they will magically disappear. Instead, it means living our lives in blissful peace and tranquility regardless of what we currently see. We are empowered to create peace. Not to be reactive victims of chaos and disorder. By being aware and having a distinct intention while actively seeking peace and resolving ourselves of judgment, we create space for sustained and intentional peace to be ushered into our existence.

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