Week 50 – The Breaking Point


Does every human being have a breaking point?

This question was posed to me this week from a very close friend of mine. He asked if I thought that every human being had a breaking point. My response to him was, it depends on what you call a “breaking point”. He further clarified, that he meant giving up, no more fight, die, cease to exist, hopeless.

Needless to say I was taken aback. Was this a cry for help? Had my friend reached a point of no return in his mind? He did not desire to communicate verbally with me over the phone and declined my offer to come to where he was to discuss his dilemma. So we continued to exchange text messages until I felt he was in a safe place.

Which one of us has not been in this situation or one similar? What does it mean when you find yourself saying—or thinking—”I can’t take this anymore.” We’ve all been there, but obviously these words don’t mean the same thing to every person. It has always been intriguing to me how two people can respond to the exact same situation completely differently. People have different thresholds of what they can constructively withstand. I get that. And people reach their “breaking point” in different ways, according to their personalities, knowledge, and self-discipline. One person who balks under pressure may just stop responding entirely. Another person simmers, and then suddenly explodes. Everything depends on how you relate to stress, because reaching the breaking point happens when your ability to cope with stress breaks down, when you no longer feel you have what it takes to handle your current circumstance.

What is Stress?
Alignment Alert!!! Everything- EVERYTHING is always either about one of two things – allowance or resistance! Anything that you’re currently going through, and anything that you will ever go through in the future is about your allowance or resistance-period. And it is the recognition and careful management of this truth that will empower you to successfully deal with stress as it arises. Stress is resistance!

What is Resistance and What Am I Not Allowing?
When we use the terms “resistance” and “allowance” we’re talking about the resistance and /or allowance of well-being. The natural way of this Universe is well-being. When a cork is in the water it will naturally float until or unless something pulls it down. Your natural way is to float! Your own self-induced resistance is what pulls you under the water- always, 100% of the time, NO EXCEPTIONS! And at any given point you and I are doing either one of the two. We’re either letting it in (allowing well-being) or we’re not (resisting well-being). Stress is the disallowing or resisting of well-being. And thank God that we’re given a tool from which to always be able to measure whether we are allowing or resisting well-being. That tool is our own emotions and feelings – how we feel at any given moment is the primary indicator as to whether you’re allowing your cork to float or not.

So the question then becomes, why would I purposely offer resistance of my own well-being? And the obvious answer is you would not “purposely” do that to yourself. We all do this out of sheer ignorance. We simply do not know we have the power and have not practiced consistently the art of alignment and allowance. But once you know better, that you CAN change your reality literally at the drop of a dime, you now have complete control and influence over any and all circumstances and situations.

How Can I Tell if I Have Resistance?
The great thing about resistance is that it’s usually pretty obvious: YOU FEEL ROTTEN! But here’s the trick- there are levels of feeling rotten. Sometimes you might feel just a wee bit “off” like you’re just not yourself, while other times you might be unbearably stressed, unhappy, or overwhelmed. These are all shades of resistance in one form or another. What happens usually is, when we feel that initial uneasiness, we tend to ignore it, and we don’t address resistance in the early stages. So then it continues to manifest in larger degrees over time until we have no choice but to address it which sometimes results in a “breaking point” or at minimum, anxiety, depression, and other forms of negative energy.

Another sign of resistance is that nothing in your life seems to be going quite right. Despite doing your best to focus on the great things you want to attract, there is very little movement and progress towards your true desires. Even if you occasionally see some results, you still keep dipping back, in and out of an invisible set “point of attraction”. You keep landing generally back where you’ve always been on certain subjects like money, relationships, health, and so on. If you have been consistently working on any of these areas but can’t seem to get anywhere, the culprit is resistance.

How Can I Release Resistance and Start Allowing More?
The answer to this question is simpler than you think. Just stop doing the things that keep your cork from floating. Stop offering resistance and you will naturally allow well-being. Remember the natural flow of the Universe is Well-being. So your job is only to practice letting it in. and you can do that by trying these 3 things:

  • Mediation, Mediation, Mediation.

    A consistent practice of mediation is key. It doesn’t take long (a minimum of 15 minutes); first thing upon awakening for best results. But the key is consistency. Meditation puts you ahead of the game and allows you to release resistance before it ever even comes. Just sit quietly every day for 5 minutes.

  • Appreciation and Gratitude.

    When you feel some minimal resistance arising, immediately shift your focus and attention on something you appreciate. No matter how small or how large. Best practice is to choose something that is invaluable like the sunlight, fresh air, the beauty of nature, or anything like these. Also, find something to be grateful for regarding the circumstance your in. That’s right.Look for a reason to appreciate something in the midst of the situation.Appreciation automatically and instantly raises you vibration, as long as you don’t revert back to previous negative thoughts.

  • Don’t focus on what is.

    Make it your deliberate intention, your primary purpose, your ultimate aim and mission, to release the attachment, fixation, and addiction on focusing on what is! Of course, sometimes we do have to attend to things that are facing us head on at the moment. But we should only focus on the current circumstance only as long as it takes to come up with a solution. That’s it! Then move on in the positive expectation that your current circumstance is now old news, because it is. Focus your entire attention on what you want, and how you want the circumstance to be. Create new “TRUTHS” in every area of your life – and change your powerful perceptions as a result.

While there is a preventive approach to releasing resistance which is pretty much what we’ve mentioned above. There’s also a treatment approach which is what most people are forced to do, because they didn’t address the resistance early on or even before it started. If you find yourself smack dab in the middle of the an overwhelming circumstance and you feel yourself reaching what might be a “breaking point” here’s what you do:

Don’t panic! Nine times out of ten, the situation is not as dire as it’s being presented in the mind. We tend to make circumstance and situations way worse than they need to be. And even if it is really “bad”, panicking will not help, and will only worsen the situation. When I find myself at a critical point, I like to use the acronym S.T.O.P– Stop what I’m doing immediately; Take a step back, and Take some deep breaths; Observe the situation or circumstance for what it is, no more, no less, and then Proceed from an aligned space of power. After you do this, if you feel better and resistance free, fine, go on about your business. But understand that the circumstance has not gone anywhere and your negative emotions and feelings of powerlessness while often times resurface. So this portion can be used for immediate circumstances, but then you most certainly will have to begin practicing the prior steps 1-3.

Once you learn to recognize the feeling of resistance, and once you know how to release it, your life will never be the same. You will now know how to spend more of your time focusing purely on your heart’s desires you wish to attract, and they can manifest much more quickly and easily. And most important – YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A BREAKING POINT EVER AGAIN!


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