Week 49 – Labels Have Limitations…


It’s been almost two years since my cousin and I launched Align to Enlighten. We’ve enjoyed our individual spiritual growth and understanding. We’ve enjoyed sharing knowledge in an effort to help others discover their own inspiration and spiritual empowerment. But here’s what’s really funny to me…

People I’ve known for a long time who have known me as a different person from my past, now, often times ask me things like, “What are you, some kind of preacher? What is this you are doing? What do you call it? Who taught you that? Is this a group? What’s the group called? What kind of thing is this? Are you in a cult?” I find this funny because we are SO accustomed to qualifying ourselves and quantifying our existence based on a label, a tag or marker to identify who we are or what we are “doing.” And in authentic reality…one of the foundational pieces that supports Align to Enlighten is simply about BEING. And it’s ironic to me that we have a hard time of simply…being.

It’s as if we are bound and determined to label, define and encapsulate the things we come across in life to provide “meaning” to not only them or the circumstances but also to who WE are and how we label or mark ourselves. We often define who WE are by what we have, how we want people to see us and/or how we want to see ourselves. Part of what we offer when discussing alignment and enlightenment is living authentically. Living authentically without label or marker or stereotype or limitation. So when someone asks, “What do you call what this is that you’re talking about?” The response I offer 100% of the time is, “I call it, living authentically.” And that authenticity can’t be held by a label. It can’t be held by a label because ANY label you apply to life results in a limitation. The authentic reality is, our souls have no limitations. No boundaries. No glass ceilings. Living from a position of the soul provides for unlimiting possibilities of all things. Every person’s journey is unique to that person’s authentic being. Your path, your journey is as unique to you as your fingerprints. No two are the same. Not even identical twins living in the same household for life will experience life in the same exact way. Therefore, the “labels” we levy are flawed, stifling and unreliable.

When we put a label to something, we are placing it in a pretty little box of “meaning” so we can better comprehend a person’s position, situation or circumstance. Providing a simple label to life and the people in life while depending on those labels to provide true meaning is equivalent to being mentally and spiritually lazy. The authentic reality is, labels stifle and restrict true meaning. Labels are supported by stereotypes. Stereotypes typecast an individual, situation or circumstance and choke out all other possible alternatives, leaving us with nothing left but judgment. Think about groups that we have labeled or categorized by race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. Don’t get me wrong, we ALL carry silent biases and none of us are immune. However, the difference is actively making a choice to go beyond the label to discover what is truly real.

Since every person’s journey is unique to that person, providing labels to an individual based on YOUR journey and experience is inherently flawed as well. Nevertheless we continue to stereotype based on what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears instead of “seeing” and “hearing” from our souls. As stated in the past, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We keep ourselves in remembrance of this when we greet another with Namaste. Namaste in essence means, the divine light in me acknowledges the divine light in you. From this context we have removed any outer layers of stereotype, marker, tag or label and have peeled everything back to acknowledging a person’s fundamental being. The core of who they are. Without the façade of what we have judged or labeled them to be. We have acknowledged that their soul, their authentic being is limitless and without bounds and label free. And in doing so, we, in turn, free ourselves. We free ourselves, in that moment, of labels. We free ourselves of judgment and we begin to see clearly and within context of all things authentic.

The same holds true for circumstances and situations. Let us stop saying things like “I’m broke.” Or, “I can’t find a good person to be with. My job sucks. The world is a bad place.” Our circumstances and situations only have the meaning we LABEL them as! And those labels provide the limitations we put on them. Saying “I’m broke” offers you zero alternatives to being anything other than broke. Some say, “well that’s what’s real!” I want to offer you today, that is only real if you, again, label it, as real. Living without labels means living without limitations. So instead of saying “I’m broke” and labeling yourself as such, offer a different alternative the provides opportunity and possibility. Offer, “my expectation is abundance.” And FEEL that abundance in your life! To activate that feeling, introduce gratitude for what you are appreciative of in that situation. That process applies to all situations, circumstances, people and any other thing that arises in our lives.

Another way to put it is, if we are determined to “label” a situation, circumstance or person, let us “label” them with what we desire it to be. So instead of saying, “my job sucks.” Let us say, “I am appreciative for the job I have. It provides me with an income to live. I see myself being tremendously successful in this job and being promoted from this position to the position of my dreams.” It’s a process of removing the negative labels and replacing them with the positive labels that resonate with the authentic you. Your soul has no desire to be bound, stifled or restricted. Strapping yourself with labels of negativity or labels in general, do just that.

Remove the labels from the shirt of your soul…and get to know WHO you are and not what you’re label says you are. This will open a completely different world of prosperity, freedom, real joy and sustained happiness. Live label-free. Live without limitations.

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