Week 44 – Be the Flow


“Don’t go with the flow, be the flow”– Jay Z

When I first heard my favorite rapper make this statement while performing at a recent concert, I was intrigued. Don’t go WITH the flow, you BE the flow. I thought this to be a powerful statement. At its basis I understood what he was attempting to say. Don’t go along with the status quo. You be the determiner of the status quo. Set trends, be different, think out of the box, BE THE FLOW. I get it. But from an enlightenment standpoint, this statement is contradictory in its nature.

Through the powerful Law of Attraction, we understand that there is a current, a stream of well-being, a life “flow” that is already happening. There is a universal flow to life that’s in motion that we can either go with or go against. We’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, that everything that we have or don’t in life is a simple matter of allowing or resisting. At all times, without fail, we’re in one or the other of these two states – ALWAYS!

So the two questions become: Resisting or allowing what? And how can I allow more of what I want to come in?

When you are in alignment with the greater part of who you are, you and the flow are one. There’s really no going against or with the flow when you’re in alignment. Alignment in of itself denotes flow. Picture life as a river current. The stream or current of the river flows in a particular direction- downstream. If you were in that river you could make one of two choices. You can use ores or your body or some other type of instrument and fight against the flow, change your direction, slow down, etc. Or you could simply relax and go in the direction that the river is going. Now, I realize this might not be the best analogy. I remember white water rafting in Bali not long ago, and if we would not have gained some measure of control of the direction the raft was going we would have crashed into a boulder. But the point is life is moving. It’s flowing. And life is flowing always in a downstream direction of well-being. There are no boulders in the path life per se. There may however be boulder-like challenges that you face. But like water, we’re attempting to create a state of well-being that we can simply flow around the challenge and not crash into it head on. Water doesn’t fight against, it flows around, or under, or over. It doesn’t resist, it allows. It seeks the path of least resistance. This is going with the flow or we could say being the flow. Learning to let go of the oars and flow with the natural current is challenging for most of us because there is a fear of not having or losing control. But think about it this way, everything you want is downstream in this current of life and when you relax and let go, the current will carry you to it.

So keep your attention on the upstream/downstream analogy for a moment, and imagine the relief of ease that you would experience if you had been fighting against the current in an upstream direction and then you suddenly just relinquished the struggle, in an attitude of giving in to the stream and allowing it to turn you and take you downstream. Now let what you’ve just imagined soothe you even further as you think about this stream as being a beneficent, wise, and all-knowing, and taking you exactly toward the things that you want in life. Try visualizing this with your mind’s eye, and relax for a moment into the idea that this stream will carry you safely to well-being and fulfillment of your desires.

It’s a strange dichotomy that sounds contradictory. How do we learn to relinquish control and go with the flow of well-being, while simultaneously being deliberate creators of our own realities? Doesn’t being a deliberate creator in and of itself denote intentional action? Yes, but the deliberate action is a vibrational/emotional action. It means being deliberate and conscious about the way you feel and making intentional choices to think thoughts and focus your attention in ways that align your energy in the direction of what you truly desire. Our emotions tell us whether we’re moving against the flow (upstream), or whether we are in a state of allowing, and being one with the flow (downstream). Our emotions provide us the best indicator as to whether we are resisting or if we are allowing. Two things tell us where we are at all times: (1).What am I manifesting? (2). How do I feel?

So when we fight the current and are moving upstream, what are we resisting? We’re resisting well-being, feeling good, happiness, joy, contentment. The flow of life is well-being. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD! And when you’re not feeling good, something is awry. You are offering resistance somewhere regarding something in your vibration. And we’ve been given the best gauge to know where we stand at any given moment in time- Our emotions.

I find it to be very ironic that learning to allow has proven to me to be where all my power lies. Learning to simply align myself with the flow of this universe and not fight against the current is where my true power is. The irony is that what seems like a very passive approach is actually the most active approach. Allowing does not mean do nothing. Quite the contrary, it means leveraging the greatest strength that I have. It means understanding that my true power does not lie in my physical ability to change conditions. It means being a conscious director of my thoughts. It means being a deliberate chooser of what I will give my undivided attention and focus to, and in doing so, MANIFEST AND CREATE MY REALITY. Allowing is very active.

“Let it flow naturally with an expectation that you are on the path, the road, the journey to your authentic happiness.” Week 23 – Finding Your Flow…

So as you go forth this week, pay attention to the situations you find yourself in. We challenge you. If it feels like an upstream thought you’re having, if the statements you find yourself making are more against the flow, turn and go with the natural current. You can actually feel an upstream thought or statement. It feels uncomfortable and negative. Use your powerful sense of perception you were born with to determine the direction of your true path. Be one with the flow!

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