Week 39 – Creating Clarity through Alignment

Week-39-Creating -Clarity-through-Alignment

“Because in your alignment, your purpose becomes clear. Your desires become clear. What you were put on this earth to do becomes clear. CLARITY becomes one with you and your way of being, which is one of God’s gifts to us all”From Alignment to Enlightenment, The Path to Joy and Peace.

All month long we have discussed various forms of clarity, the importance of clarity, finding clarity, clarity of who you are as a person, etc. This week, we want to close out the conversation of clarity by tying it back into alignment with your inner being. Every person struggles with finding clarity at some point during life. “Is this the right job for me? Am I with the person I’m supposed to be with? Should I move, am I making the right choices, is there a better way of doing things…am I where I’m supposed to BE at this point in my life?” We ALL have questions where answers elude us from time to time. In addition, we may seek to find those answers to our questions from others’ advice and direction. Or we may look to others with more experience, education or skill sets for help. And we also may do our own “soul searching,” looking for the “right” answers. What’s important to note is, finding and sustaining clarity is readily available in all situations. It starts with finding and sustaining your alignment. So to finish out this series, we will discuss Creating Clarity through Alignment.

When we consider clarity, we are seeking clear understanding, distinct direction and viable answers to our questions. We operate from our logical minds using deductive reasoning and critical thinking to guide our choices. But that’s only half of the solution to the challenge we face when seeking clarity. The other half of the solution, and perhaps the most important foundational piece to the process, is finding alignment within ourselves first, to guide our path. In the book, From Alignment to Enlightenment, The Path to Joy and Peace, the authors speak of alignment in this way: “It is the one indicator (via emotions) that reveals to you where you stand at any given point in time on any subject, in relationship to where your inner being stands on that same subject.” Our inner being, our soul, our heart or ‘The Quiet Observer’ as Deepak Chopra refers to it, is at peace at all times. Our souls remain objective in the quiet calm of our authentic being. Our inner beings communications are both the subtle and overt emotions we experience. However, at the core of the soul is still peace and authentic understanding. So when we are in search of clarity, finding some place to sit in peace and silence where we can be in tuned with our authentic being creates a space of shared clarity. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life is where distraction, chaos and commotion is happening. These interruptions impact our emotions and distort our realities which cause us to continue a cycle of confusion and lack of direction. Therefore, the first step to creating clarity through alignment is to spend time with our authentic selves in peace and silence, allowing our thoughts to be created from within as opposed to our thoughts being directed from events, situations and circumstances outside of us.

The second step, which may seem obvious on the surface, is to take inventory of what and how we feel. Recently I changed jobs. My new job is satisfying but I still carry some angst because it’s in a new field, I haven’t learned all the ins and outs yet and I haven’t gained my full confidence of the position. Last week someone approached me from the field I came from at a different company and suggested I take a look at an opportunity with them. I felt like I was in a quandary. On one hand, I was still excited but very nervous about this new position. And on the other hand, going back to what ‘I KNOW’ was somewhat attractive and I am extremely confident in that space. Both pay the same. Both locations are equal distance from my home. Benefits are virtually the same. ALL of the personal objectives would be met with either position. (This was the conclusion I came to using my expert deductive reasoning and critical thinking) But that did not help me. I still was not clear. I did not have clarity. So I decided to get quiet. I decided to quiet my thoughts. Quiet my inhibitions. Quiet my thinking and deductive reasoning. Quiet my ‘logic.’ When I quieted my thoughts, inhibitions and reasoning…I was actually able to hear. I was able to hear my authentic feelings and emotions. I was able to see clearly. I found clarity. What I heard was, “going back to something you KNOW and are confident about is not a destination you seek.” In other words, I did not have a strong desire to go back to my field in the first place before the opportunity became available. So why go back to it simply because it’s comfortable? My true feelings, my true emotions were not directing me to go back to what I know. My logic was suggesting it makes sense. Paying attention to what we FEEL is vital when seeking clarity. Logic and reasoning are not the sole providers of clarity. And neither of them served me well in this situation.

When we consider we are spiritual beings first, we understand we are made up of our thoughts, desires and emotions. These are the intangible traits of our souls that are designed to help shape and direct our paths in this material world. Being in alignment means being in touch with ourselves at the point where we feel the most happiness, the most calm, the most comfortable and the highest bliss. Feelings of confusion, disgust, angst and chaos denote misalignment with our true being. These are the clues that tell us, “it’s time to find that quiet space. It’s time to go within. It’s time to shut out all the noise of the outside world that’s affecting your thoughts.” When we find that quiet space, we connect with our authentic selves. When we connect with our authentic selves, we are better able to see and hear clearly. We become aligned. And clarity is created as a product of that alignment. Find your alignment. Find your peace. Find your clarity.

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