Week 34 – The Journey From E30 to A6


Recently I was trapped in the debacle with Delta airlines trying to fly from New Orleans back to Memphis. It was literally the worst flying experience that I ever had. Flights kept getting pushed back and delayed on an hour by hour delay. The airline agents were not able to assist with the situation and were providing people with very little helpful information. Planes were boarded then just before take-off, de-boarded. Needless to say it was a fiasco. People on both sides, the customers and the agents were irate and very agitated in their frustration with the situation.

So I finally got on a plane at 4pm that was initially scheduled for 10am from New Orleans to Atlanta. Once I arrived in Atlanta, I was supposed to immediately connect to go on to Memphis. Well, here is where my journey from gate E30 to gate A6 began. Once I arrived at the connection gate, and was in line to board, we were all told that the flight had been cancelled and that we needed to get in the line at the kiosk for re-booking. As I turned to look where the lady was referring to, I noticed a line that appeared to never end. It literally snaked around several times until it sort just faded. People had decided to make pallets where they stood because they knew it would be a long night in this line. So right here is where I had a decision to make. I felt anxious and very frustrated. Mind you I had been in an airport negotiating my re-booking since 8am. It was now 9pm. So where normally the easiest thing to do would have been to rent a car and drive home, fatigue would not allow me to make that decision and just renting a hotel and staying overnight didn’t seem to be the best option for me either. So I sort of mindlessly wandered into this long line and kind of just stood there thinking. I still remained hopeful. I still had faith that some way this was going to work out in my favor. I remained optimistic when by all practical purposes I had every right to choose and decide otherwise. Right at that second a man walked up to me and said “Hey there’s another line much shorter over there. I just got a ticket.” And he showed me the ticket he’d just gotten. Listen! There were people behind me and tons of people in front of me but this man walked straight up to me as if I called his name and told him to come!

We have the ability call things into existence as if they already were.

So I thanked him and walked over to the shorter line, stood there for only a few minutes, and was able to get two tickets. One ticket was a standby and the other was a confirmed seat. The standby ticket was at gate E30 and the confirmed seat was at gate A6. Obviously I was ecstatic! Not only did I have a good chance of getting on the standby, but even if I couldn’t get that flight, I was guaranteed a seat at the other gate. Both flights were about an hour departure time apart. All was well. I felt more relaxed and took my time to walk to the gate that had the standby seat as I announced to the other people that remained in the longer line that there was a shorter line where I had been successful.

When I got to gate E30 it looked like a mob attack, utter pandemonium and chaos surrounding the counter. But I had another ticket so hey, why even think about involving myself with this situation. Then the lady announces “If I call your name, you have a confirmed seat, because many of the other passengers have already be reassigned. Come to the counter, identify yourself and DO NOT LEAVE THE AREA.” So okay, cool I’ll wait a second to see if my name is called. Sure enough I heard my name about midway down the list. “I’m good”, were my thoughts. As time went on however I noticed the concern on the agent’s faces and the whispering among themselves they were doing, and the scrambling phone calls they were making. There was a noticeable problem. Looks like the agent made an error in her counting of the seats available versus number of passengers needing seats. So I asked her if I should wait or go to the other gate. She said wait, I think it can work it out. She was wrong! And now in my decision to wait I have gone past the departure time to catch the other flight WHERE I ALREADY HAD A CONFIRMED SEAT!

Sometimes we must ignore logic!

Logic said, just give it up. You tried, you did the best you could. Go ahead and make your pallet and wait in line ’til morning. Sometimes we have to ignore logic if we want to obtain our desires. So again I had to remain calm, resilient, hopeful, and resolved that I would get that flight. I got to the tram, it was malfunctioning. So I literally had to run from E30 to A6 in the ATL airport, with a back pack, with the hopes, or rather belief that the plane would not only still be there at 30 minutes post departure time, but that my seat would still be available. To my delight and expectation, the plane was still there, and I was able to board with about 10 minutes to spare.

Just a few tidbits of information I was reminded of from this experience that we should be remember:

  • Our choices of physical action may be limited but our choices of thought are not.
  • As we vibrate as individuals, so to do WE attract as individuals, the people circumstances, and events -without exception.
  • Everything is ALWAYS working out for us, if we can stay positive and in alignment
  • We have tremendous power to significantly influence our physical surroundings and circumstances by our thoughts.
    (Call those things into existence as if they already were)
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