Week 31 – The Cherry On Top…Of Abundance


Have you ever had a banana split or an ice cream sundae? Was it a must that you had a cherry on top? Beneath the cherry there’s a mountain of yummy goodness from the whipped cream, hot fudge or caramel sauce the various flavors of ice cream. But in most cases, adding the cherry to the top seems to be a must. Why? Is it the cherry that makes the dessert complete? Will we not be satisfied if we ate the banana split or sundae without the cherry? Adding the cherry to the top of the ice cream dessert has transcended its original meaning. We’re all familiar with the euphemism of “putting the cherry on top” as symbolism to something being complete, or the last and final touch to something being finished. And we’ve excepted the notion that some things are not complete…until we put the cherry on top. This week, we are going to discuss “putting the cherry on top” of your ice cream sundae of abundance.

During our series, Creating Abundance in Your Life, we offered several different aspects of how abundance is created in our lives. We also offered several spiritual tools to exercise creating abundance in our lives. During Week 1 we characterized abundance as creating more moments doing the things we enjoy most. “Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes abundance” – Epicurus. The point was to live in this moment appreciating all that is around you and what you enjoy most. Week 2 was about the attitude of abundance. We discussed the need to operate from a mindset of ‘more than enough’ as opposed to operating from a mindset of lack. In Week 3, we shifted to the formula of creating abundance…gratitude. We talked in depth about how gratitude creates an open space for abundance to flow naturally. And in Week 4 we discussed a parable, Acres of Diamonds and outlined how abundance is a state of being…not a state of having. The entire month of July has been focused on understanding abundance, appreciating abundance, living abundantly and being abundant. This week…the cherry goes on top of our ABUNDANT hot fudge sundae.

The final piece to Creating Abundance in Your Life is about seeing it. Envisioning abundance. Feeling abundance. Imagining abundance. I have a friend who admittedly discounts positive thought and positive thinking as a way of manifestation. He says to me, “positive thinking won’t get shit done.” I don’t fight, argue or debate with him about what he feels. I have learned that people will hear, when they are ready to hear. Not one second before. But I offer him other thoughts that challenge what he feels.

I say, “have you ever thought back to a knock-down, drag-out argument you’ve had with someone that may have taken place over a year ago?” He replies, “of course.” And I ask him, “do you feel yourself getting angry with that person all over again? Or angry with the situation?” He says, “man, yeah! I STILL get pissed when I think about such and such! I can’t keep thinking about that cause it will ruin my day!” I say to him, “soooo, thoughts are affecting your emotions even if those thoughts are about situations and circumstances that happened well in the past? So what about when you think about the birth of your son? How is your day affected when you are sitting in your office during the work day and you have thoughts about when he was born? Does that ruin your day or does that enhance your mood of that day?” Of course my friend responds in a positive way because he loves his son and he feels the emotion come rushing back to what he felt that day and he has no choice but to smile. Thoughts influence emotion. Emotion generates vibration. Vibration is the language of the Universe. Period. “Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, including you, and everything and everyone around us. We influence our frequency by how we think and how we feel, as this is how we experience our reality” – Simone.

So, in the context of creating abundance in your life…by first matching the vibratory frequency of what you truly desire will determine how, when and if your desires manifest. My friend told me he didn’t believe in the power of positive thinking, basically discounting the power of thought. But then he turned around and told me he could not think about an argument he had over a year ago because it would ruin his day. So which is it??? The authentic truth is, and as we’ve written about before, thoughts turn into things. Everything that has manifested into material began with one singular thought. Every man-made thing began with one singular thought, one singular desire. Therefore, the proverbial cherries on top to this series of Creating Abundance in Your Life are desire, vision and expectation.

  • Desire

    We all have desires. However, if our desires don’t line up with our current circumstances, we often times discount those desires and label them as non-attainable pipe dreams. So as quickly as the thought is born….is as quickly as that thought is aborted. So there should be no expectation of that dream being born. Embrace whatever it is you desire. EVERYTHING is possible. And what do you have to lose in thinking about the possibilities?

  • Vision

    Create, live, breathe and feel the vision of your desire. Have you seen the lottery in recent years where it grows to inconceivable amounts of money…$300 million, $500 million, $800 million…and you stand in line and everyone talks about what they would do if they hit the big money? Have you gotten lost in your thoughts of what that would look like? What that would feel like? What you would actually do? Did you pay attention to the emotions that came over you? ENVISION abundance. SEE yourself living in abundance. FEEL yourself experiencing abundance. Remember, everything in this Universe is vibratory. When we envision, see and feel ourselves living within the abundance we desire, the Universe is listening to the language we are speaking because we are creating a vibratory resonance or frequency that aligns with our desire.

  • Expectation

    And the final cherry…align your expectations with your desire and your vision. If we do not expect what we desire and what we envision, we are contradicting where we said we wanted to go in the first place. We don’t have any lack of expectation that the sun will rise tomorrow. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds about that. When considering creating abundance in your life…carry the same, exact, expectation that abundance is being created and manifested in your life and is being delivered to you EXACTLY the way you expected to see it.

Abundance is not something we luck up and fall into. Abundance is something we live. Abundance is something we create from within. Abundance is something that is readily available to us all.

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