Week 30 – Follow the Excitement Part 2


In keeping with last week’s post of What Are You Excited About, we wanted to continue the discussion from step 4 – ACT. Act on your highest level of excitement, to the best of your ability, given the circumstances presented to you. Many of us feel that when we say act on your excitement that it means finding some earthshattering, awe inspiring thing like climbing a mountain, jumping from a plane, deep scuba diving, or some activity as such. We often think of excitement as some thrilling, jaw dropping activity that leaves us spellbound. And although it most certainly can be any of these things, it doesn’t have to be and most times is not, initially.

When we say act on your highest level of excitement, we mean on ANYTHING. In other words, if right now after reading this post, out of all the options you have of things you could choose to do, you decide that calling a friend, taking a walk, eating a snack, going for a drive excites you most out of all that you COULD do right at this moment – That’s acting on your highest level of excitement. Again, the choice you make may not be all that exciting comparatively speaking to other things that you would like to do, but the secret is – your simple choice of doing what excites you most to the best of your ability, given the choices presented to you will lead you to the things that you ultimately desire to do. The key is being in the moment and giving your full attention to what it is you are doing, even if it’s folding laundry. It’s the excitement about the simple things that leads you to what’s connected to the bigger things that excite you more. The key is to ACT on what excites you, to the best of your ability, given the options presented to you, and when you’ve done all you can do on that activity, choose another activity that excites you most at that time, then another, and another. Move in the direction of joy, finding exciting levels of fulfillment in what appears to be simple, most mundane things, even if it doesn’t seem connected to anything else.

Once you get into this pattern of acting with deliberate intention, even if it appears simple, you will start to synthesize yourself and become a better discerner to the concept and move on things presented to you with more zeal, assurance, and confidence. You won’t create so many things to consider (resistance) before being willing to take action on your excitement. Your action will come more from a place of inspiration. You will begin to understand that excitement is its own self-contained kit and its own driving engine. Excitement propels itself. Excitement is like a thread on a piece of clothing, the more you pull it the more it unravels. The beauty is, the fabric of following your excitement never ends. When you act on your excitement to the best of your ability, in every moment you can, you begin to experience in a synchronistic fashion, circumstances and events that affirm more excitement. It’s a self-contained kit that always perpetuates more of the same, more excitement, and brings with it things that are similar.

The more you demonstrate in your behavior to the universe that you’re willing to believe that what excites you the most is what you’re all about by your actions, the more the universe will reflect that back to you. What you put out is what you get back. Here’s the polarized aspect of it; when you start acting on your joy, don’t assume with expectation that you must see things outside you change immediately. Yes, when you change your vibration, and choose to stay in alignment the outside world you experience will acclimate to your vibration. However, if it doesn’t immediately do so, don’t stand in judgement or assumption. Continue on the path of following your excitement and let the universe work out the rest.

The Radio Thief-

A man was extremely passionate about music. All day long he followed his excitement of listening to music to the best of his ability, particularly in his car as his work afforded him the option of listening a lot while driving. He decided to act on this excitement more by buying a certain kind of radio because it delivered the quality of sound he wanted. But he didn’t have enough money to buy the expensive radio and saw no way of getting the money to make the purchase. So following the idea of acting on your highest excitement TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY, he bought the next radio down he could afford that was still representative of the excitement he felt. The radio he bought was still representative of the excitement that he could attain, that he could act on at that moment. He had the radio installed in his car and one week later a thief broke into his car and stole the radio, damaging the dashboard in the process. Now, here is where we tend to invalidate “negative” circumstances and begin to judge, with saying, “this is bad, look what happened to me, I already couldn’t afford the radio I wanted and then this happened.” But because this person knew that all things are connected and knew that following his excitement pulls like thread, he knew what to do. He went through the procedure of reporting the theft to the insurance company, got reimbursed for the radio and also got money to repair the dashboard. He chose a particular audio repair shop; the person looked at the dashboard damage and told the man it wasn’t as bad as it appeared and because it didn’t take long to repair, he could do it at no cost. Now the man had the money down to the penny that he would have had to use to make the repair AND the money to get the radio he initially wanted. This is how all things work when you allow them to!

Act on your highest level of excitement, to the best of your ability, given all the options you have at your disposal. Be it small of large, do what feels best at the time. Let the thread unravel. Pay attention the synchronicities. And follow your bliss. This is your purpose!

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