Week 23 – Finding Your Flow…


My daily commute to work is in 5 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic, 5 days a week. People are honking, speeding up on each other’s bumpers, screaming, cursing, throwing obscene hand gestures, raising blood pressures, etc. all in a hurry for what? To get to work?

We change lanes because our lane seems to be the slowest of them all. Then once we change lanes, we quickly realize the lane we were JUST in starts to move better than the one we jumped to. Frustration rises; “why can’t these people hurry up?” Worry rises; “I’m gonna be late!” Angst rises; “what if I change lanes just ONE more time, that might work, but this guy won’t let me in!” We make all of these ‘strategic’ moves in traffic in an effort to help us arrive to our destination quicker. We look to make moves and force our way to ‘ease’ our journey. But it’s the opposite that is happening. We are not easing our journey but instead, making our journey that much more stressful. If you were to actually record the time it takes in ‘forcing’ our way through traffic vs. going with the flow of traffic, do you truly feel that we would arrive there quicker? Do you feel that there would be any difference in what we actually felt along the way? Do you think our travel would be any more or any less enjoyable along with way?

People say the 405 in Southern California “is a beast!” and “traffic sucks!” Or “ugh! I’m SO pissed off with this traffic every single day! This is horrible!” Rush hour traffic on ANY given highway in America can be associated with day to day life and how we navigate through it. Are we operating within our flow or without it? Are we operating within our purpose or out of it?

Everyone has purpose in life. We are here for specific reasons. Those reasons are our destinations along the journey of life. If or how we reach those destinations is what is in question. Rascal Flatts said it best…”Life is a highway.” How you choose to travel down that highway is always up to YOU. As well as where you will go. Or how you will arrive. And the most beautiful thing to discover while traveling along this ‘highway of life’ is, when you are ALIGNED with your soul, you find that there IS an Express Lane. An Express Lane that you can ride in to avoid the traffic of your life’s highway.

Are you even aware that there is an ‘Express Lane’ to travel? And would the Express Lane provide you with more comfort, ease and a more joyful journey? Sure it would. So how do we actually find this “wonderful road of travel” for our lives?


Understand that the ‘Express Lane’ exists. Often times we move through life expecting the journey to be difficult. We subscribe and believe in things such as “no pain, no gain.” That, perhaps, may be true when considering running a marathon or practicing a yoga pose you’ve never tried. But it is certainly not true when it comes to the road of life. We all have an opportunity to travel the ‘Express Lane’ but we must first understand that life does not have to be hard in order for it to be good. Your level of your success is not dependent upon your level of suffering. So…follow your inspiration. Whatever inspires you does not translate into ‘hard work’ to you. It translates into passion, vibrant energy and exhilaration. So first, know that an ‘Express Lane’ exists and also embrace your inspiration. In doing so, you will begin to change lanes on your way to the ‘Express Lane.’


Now that you’ve acknowledged the ‘Express Lane’ exists…trust that it will get you to your destination. If you are following your inspiration, you are also following your heart. Your mind may not always know the outcome, but your heart knows exactly where to go. So trust it. Our egos create the doubt, worry and angst, or in other words, become the other cars on the 405 that are slowing you down, impeding your progress and making you late to your destination.

When you follow your inspiration and are guided by your heart, you move into the ‘Express Lane’ where your flow is easier with less interruption. Don’t forget, you are a spiritual being having a human experience…so there is no need to doubt any desired achievement you have in this material world. You have the ability to create within your inspiration. This is part of the reason why you HAVE inspiration. It is to affect sustained change and God is using YOU to be the catalyst for that creation of sustained change by endowing you with whatever inspires you. You know that God has given it to YOU because YOU are the one who relates with your inspiration as passion and energy while others may see your passion as ‘work’ or toil. Therefore, not acknowledging and embracing your inspiration slows you down because you are not operating in your full purpose of being.


So there IS an ‘Express Lane’ and now I trust that it will get me to my destination. The next step is to drive the speed limit. How often do we speed in excess for no reason? Why are we in such a hurry? All the time? Slow down. In other words…there is no need to force whatever it is you desire in life into existence. No need to muscle it or to force the issues or impose your will to make things happen. Relax. And trust that it is coming to you. Think about how you literally feel when you are speeding down the road at 85 mph through traffic versus when you have your car set on cruise at 65 mph and no cars in front of you. Things flow easily, simply and confidently when we simply relax and know.

Find your inspiration and follow it. It doesn’t mean you need to abandon your current life’s responsibilities. But make time for it. Whatever inspires you is there for a reason. Activate it. Now. When you do, the rest of your entire life will also begin to fall into place because you will be switching lanes to get into your flow and out of the traffic that is stifling your journey. And once that’s done…don’t fall back into the way you’ve muscled through life all your life. Don’t fall into the trap of acknowledging and finding your inspiration to beat it into submission of ‘no pain, no gain.’ Simply let it flow naturally. Let it flow naturally with an expectation that you are on the path, the road, the journey to your authentic happiness. THEN you will be riding in the ‘express lane’ of life.

Finding your flow means you travel your journey at the speed of life. Meaning, when you are in your flow, the various would-be road blocks, speed bumps or other vehicles looking to impede your progress affect you less or are removed altogether from your path. Life does not have to be hard now in order for it to be easy later. Life can be easy right now. Simply find your inspiration. Spend time with your inspiration, knowing that you are inspired for a reason. A reason that God has given and trusted you with to create sustained change. And finally, relax in the vision of your inspiration and know it will manifest itself in ALL aspects of your life. Find your flow…

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