Week 19 – Love In a Mother’s Eyes


Nine months. Nine months of sharing a soul with another. Nine months of altering your existence, your being, to offer life to another. The aches, the pains, the feelings of being uncomfortable. The late night as well as daytime urges to eat foods in various combinations that would otherwise disgust you. Nine months of smells that spark intense emotion positive or negative. The angst, worry, happiness, joy, anger and passion all magnified because your hormones are having a civil war within you. The uncontrollable crying. The spontaneous hot flashes. The swelling of feet, hands and your nose. The inevitable weight gain. The preparation of the room, diapers, toys…a baby shower. Your mom coming to be by your side because she knows exactly what you feel. The water break on a Saturday night while watching television and eating popcorn. The rush to the hospital, the calls to the doctor to the parents because “it’s happening right now!” The intense labor. The unforgettable and unimaginable pain. The screams. The encouragement. The pushing. The hand holding. The breathing. The pushing…the pushing…the pushing…the miracle of birth happening right in front of you. The moment when you lay eyes on what has been inside of you…for 9 months. That moment. The explosion of emotion you didn’t even know you possessed. The immediate bond of fierce protection of one so helpless and belongs to you. The feeling of never wanting to be separated. The thoughts of what this new born will become. The thoughts of any and everything is possible for her to accomplish in this lifetime. Nothing else matters in that moment. Nothing else matters. The entire world falls away…and it is you and your soul connected with him and his soul. Forever connected. Forever bonded. No connection on earth runs deeper than this. The bond between a mother and a child.
Whether you are a mother in the traditional sense of birthing a child or not…we are ALL children of a mother. The bond is authentic and true no matter your current state of relationship. There was at some point a time when your mother carried you and cared for you advertently or otherwise. The soul connection of mother to child is without limits. It can not be put into words to justify its meaning. It is rich in value and priceless in understanding. It is as close to understanding the love, bond and connection that God has with each and every one of us. God being our protector and Mother Earth being our provider, our care giver, and both being our nurturer. God has provided the example of parenting in the love and care He provides. Mother Earth shows us her beauty the same as other moms not necessarily from the things she does but more so from the natural and innate things she provides that are wondrous and naturally beautiful. We admire her. We love her unconditionally. We look to her for love, compassion and caring. We depend on her for guidance and direction. Our gratitude is overwhelming when we consider the sacrifices she has made for her children to be comfortable and to succeed in this life. We honor her for her patience and for her unshakable faith and belief in us. We celebrate her for her commitment and diligence to our well-being. God demonstrates how we all are to love through the love of a mother. How we are to love each other. How to be long-suffering in spite of the ungratefulness. To love in spite of being taken for granted. To love regardless of whether that love is reciprocated. To love with faith and an understanding that love is simply who you are and what you do from an innate state of being. Providing love and being love as the foundation to your existence…the same as a mother providing love for a child.

Often times, we reserve love. We reserve love for those we deem worthy of the love after they have proven to us it is “okay” to share love as opposed to allowing love to be the primary emotion to any and all who cross our path. How wonderful could life be if everyone simply shared love freely, without expectation? No holds, no bars, no boundaries, no proof points…simply sharing of love the same as a mother to that new born child? What richness would we discover? What intrinsic value would we find? What everlasting bonds could we create? What changes in the entire world could be created? It only takes one person who is willing to give and one person who is willing to receive. Whatever way we have been living has provided the results we currently see. Is it time to change how we approach love in order to see a different result? Or are we too selfish to willingly share the love God has imparted to our souls as if there is a limit on the supply? There is no scarcity of love within us. There is no limited supply that implies if we give “too much” we will run out. It is the one emotion we can give continually. And unlike other things in this life, the more we GIVE the wealthier we become.

Become a free giver of love. Today. Make it your mission to give love freely without expectation. Simply give. Give love unconditionally like that of a mother to a child. Like that of our Creator to every living thing. Give love faithfully. Be committed to giving love…without judgment. Give love to the ungrateful. Give love to those who don’t listen. Give love as if you have too much and you can’t keep it all to yourself. Approach life and all that is in it with the same love a mother provides a child. Be connected with your soul and recognize the shining light of the souls of others. Love THAT piece of each human being on this planet as opposed to deciding to love or not love them based on who they are, or what they say, or what they’ve done. Simply…love.

A mothers love is beyond special. A mothers love is beyond boundary. A mothers love is timeless. Love yourself and love one another the way a mother loves a child. This is the way we live the most abundant life. Life without boundary, life without restriction, life experienced the way our Creator means for it to be. A life in love for all. Happy Mother’s Day. Every day.

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