Week 16 – Mind Over Matter, Heal Yourself


You’re working out with your trainer, coach, or maybe an impending spouse, whose desire is for you is to ignore your body’s message for you to STOP training now, as they shout, “come on, mind over matter, mind over matter!” Or maybe you are in the presence of a well-meaning friend who is trying help you manage your pain, and encourages you to try and not think about the debilitating sensation in your lower back, for which she/he says, “It’s a mind over matter thing.” When in reality it’s more of a mind over mind process, in that you’re telling your mind what to think, and your body how to feel.

The phrase mind over matter has been used in various contexts across many, many conceptual inferences throughout time. Usually what people mean in a nut shell is, whatever you put your mind to or on, you can make it happen, a sort of overriding if you will, whatever the present physical reality is that’s occurring. And certainly we now have research and proven evidence that you actually can use your mind to manipulate physical realties. This is in part how the “placebo effect” works, or we could more accurately call it the perception effect, or the belief effect! You go into the doctor with a pain, because you see the MD as someone in authority over your health that knows what he’s talking about, you believe, or better yet you EXPECT that the pill that you are prescribed will work and thus usually it does, whether or not the pill was real medication or a sugar pill.

The same holds true for the converse scenario where you go into the physician’s office feeling perfectly fine and the doctor gives you some bad news, and your body responding to your mind, which responded to the doctor’s information projects disease, or pain, or some other type of localized or systemic physical ailment. This is conversely is referred to as the nocebo effect, which put simply, is the phenomenon in which inert substances or mere suggestions of something “perceived” detrimental actually bring about negative effects on a person’s physical body. For some people, being informed of a pill or procedure’s “potential” side effects is enough to bring about real life manifestations and symptoms. Amazing! You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted. And what you focus your attention on expands. And what you expect and belief will happen usually is what happens.

So wait a minute…. either the pain was there or it wasn’t. Either I have a terminal illness or I don’t. I either have hypertension or I do not. The doctor’s examination and news revealed to me does not have any impact over my body. This pain is real you say, and speaking from experience, it does not set well for it to be suggested that the pain you feel is more mental than physical. But that is the reality of it! Not that the pain isn’t real, but rather your determination, expectation, and belief, all have tremendously and significantly more impact and play a much greater role in the physical manifestation of your ailment

Of course we can trace and detect the pathology of disease and oftentimes determine its origin to genetics and/or poor lifestyle practices. But recently there have been new studies around a term referred to as “epigenetics”, “epi” meaning above and “genetics” meaning from the genes or genomes. So the term epigenetics means above or on top of genes. Which means on a simplistic level that just because your mother and father had high blood pressure does not automatically give you a life sentence with high blood pressure too. Same holds true for diabetes, cancer, heart attack etc.

You’re walking around living your life perfectly fine through your teens, twenties, early thirties. Then you start getting “serious” about your health, which usually means you’ve began to notice people in close proximity to your age are getting sick or even worse dying. This is around the age where death and dying become more prevalent in your life experience, most times through your older family members who are now aging and slowly start to make their transition into nonphysical. So very early on we establish vibrations surrounding illness, sickness, death, health, well-being, etc. We already have a strong vibration going on about health and well-being long before a doctor reveals to us any information. So you go to the doctor for your routine check-up because you’ve been told this is the smart thing to do, and low and behold the physician informs you have high blood pressure or “pre”-diabetes. The physician performs a medical history and sees “oh, you have a long history of high blood pressure in your family, so you now must take this prescribed medication for the remainder of your life.”

Metabolism is a vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way energy is moving through your body. And so, everything is in response to the way you feel, everything is. Everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. Practice scenarios that feel good and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating. Abraham Hicks

Our positive and negative thought patterns/beliefs not only impact our health but every other aspect of our life. It was Henry Ford that said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t… you’re right.”

Consider the example we gave in Week 14 of our video blog entitled Protect You Perceptions, where we talked about people successfully walking over burning coals without getting burned. If they wobble in the steadfastness of their belief that they can do it, they wind up with burned feet. Your beliefs act like filters on a camera changing the way you view the world. And most importantly your body’s cellular makeup, your physical biology adapts to those beliefs! When we truly start to recognize and internalize that our beliefs are that powerful, we then hold the key to freedom. For it is through our practiced beliefs that we often choose to live or die. To be happy or depressed. To flourish and thrive or to struggle and parish. While we can’t change our genetic blueprints, we can change our minds and therefore in the process, change the way our genes are expressed, and thus assume a greater responsibility and control over our own physical health.

  • Identify your current beliefs and thought patterns surrounding health and well-being; what are your beliefs around cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease
  • Start today approaching your health from a mental standpoint
  • Challenge yourself to pay closer attention to the relationship between the thoughts you have and the way you feel.
  • The very next time you feel sickly or under the weather, try practicing some meditation, watch your favorite comedy show, be choosy about who you engage in conversation with (talk to uplifting, optimistic people) and pay attention to see if your healing time is reduced, and that you get better quicker.
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