Week 15 – Share Your Testimony…


Today, I am filled with happiness and joy. I understand that my happiness is solely dependent upon myself and this is the way I choose to strike out each day before I leave home. But TODAY I feel especially joyful and happy.

I’m happy that my children are healthy, well-rounded and do extremely well in school. I am grateful that I live in a warm climate and can go to the beach at any given time without a second thought. I am joyous to have a family that loves and depends on me as their rock. My wife loves me and I am grateful for her. I am elated at the fact that I know I give 110% at my job and that is not dependent upon what they pay me. I am beside myself in understanding that I am a co-creator with God and have the ability to manifest my desires. I am delighted that the sun came out today. I am thankful and appreciative for all that I have, particularly those things that have no material or monetary value but are treasures to me and my family. I am SO grateful. This is my testimony. It makes me smile when I tell it. It makes me happy when I think about it.

I remember as a child going to church 3 times a week. We’d have to go on Sundays of course, but also every Saturday for choir rehearsal and even stay late on some Saturdays for Usher Board practice. But then there were also Wednesdays! My mom and stepfather would drags us out to Bible Study where my sister and I had to sit and listen to the “old folks” sing hymns and study the bible. But I remember my stepfather, who was also the Pastor of our church, would call for a Time of Testimony.

The Time of Testimony was the time allotted for people to randomly share with the rest of the congregation the things they were grateful to God for. While this blog does not support any specific religion, this power of testimony provides for an awesome example of spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.

The various people of the congregation would, often times, get up and share the good things that happened to them and for them during the previous week. They were grateful for their health, their families, their possessions God had blessed them with, their jobs, etc. Sometimes they would break down in tears as they compared where they used to be in their previous circumstances to where they currently stood. “Look at where God has brought me from!” is what many of them would say. It gave the people an opportunity to express their gratitude. Express their gratitude not only to God but to also share with the people of like-minds and faith.

The power of these people’s testimonies was evident in the nodding of the heads of others who were listening. Or the confirming affirmations in the resounding “amen” from other parishioners. The environment would inevitably turn everyone into a collective of people who were thinking, feeling and acknowledging what they were grateful for. Everyone in that environment was feeding off of the gratitude of each other. The emotion generated from this was evident in the tears of joy and the shouts of “glory be to God!” from the crowd. So the question is…why do we wait to go to church to share our testimony when it generates this type of sentiment?

Sharing a testimony actually has nothing to do with religion overall. But there is no denying the power of sharing. When is the last time you’ve actually thought about a list of things you were grateful for? Not to mention share them publicly?

Innately, we are spiritual beings stemming from a collective environment. This is one of the reasons as to why we congregate. In contrast, it is in a male lions innate being to live alone or live as one male amongst a pride of female lions. Those are the male lion’s two choices in most circumstances minus adolescent/teenaged male lions who may live together for short periods of time. But it is not in our human nature to be alone and solitary. This is why we have cities, corporations, churches, schools, etc. to be a PART of and to share. NOT to be separated and introverted. Our souls connect and need to be connected to other souls. It is simply who we are.

So as we continue to talk about intentions, expectations, manifestation of desire, joy, happiness, love, tranquility, success, alignment, enlightenment, etc., it certainly begins with our individual thought processes and patterns of individual behavior. Enlightenment can certainly be perceived as a solitary journey. However, while we are activating our thoughts, directing our minds through meditation and managing our actions based on the core desires of our souls…it is important to leverage the power of fellowship.

The people I saw in the church as a child listening to someone’s testimony would start to feel and express emotion because the words of others also resonated with their souls. It made them feel some type of way with love and gratitude because we communicate authentically from the level of our core being…our soul. And these testimonies were authentic. So as people shared their heart-felt emotion about gratitude, that same resonance of gratitude struck a cord with others in the congregation who also felt the same way. The gratitude was multiplied and compounded. The vibrational resonance could not be denied.

It is in this space where we experience a great level of allowance. By being in and maintaining a high level of gratitude we clear out all resistance and negativity while creating space for allowance. And when we’ve cleared the way for allowance, it provides an open space for the manifestation of desire and expectation.

As we look out on the world today, we’ve spoken about ‘being and living the change you want to see.’ By sharing your testimony of gratitude with others, you have the ability to strike a cord of resonance within others. A positive mark of what is truly important in life. A contagious bombardment of happiness, joy, peace and tranquility. I remember looking around the church during the Time for Testimony. Everyone seemed to be touched in some type of way. The people seemed lighter. Less burdened from when they came. They seemed happy. And the happiness contagion spread to others who were compelled and convicted to get up and share! THIS is the type of contagion we should look to share with the world.

Tell, share, offer to anyone who will listen, YOUR testimony this week. Focus on the positive aspects of what happened for you. Share with someone else what it is you are grateful for. Challenge them to share with you what THEY are grateful for. Create a contagion of gratitude through the sharing of your testimony. It is completely selfish to keep it for yourself. We are innately communal. This is what we desire and where we thrive. We are innately joyous. We weren’t born believing we had problems. These two facts scream for us to share our gratitude with one another to create collective joy, peace and happiness throughout the world. It is just that simple. We challenge you to create your very own Time of Testimony.

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