Week 13 – Find Your Inspiration…Find Your Freedom…


When we operate within our inspiration…we find freedom. Freedom to be exactly who we are. Freedom from wanted acceptance, freedom from judgment, freedom to operate in a serene and tranquil place of peace that offers pure excitement and joy at the same time. THAT’S what inspiration feels like…tranquility and peace with a touch of excitement and joy. Why does it feel this way? Because whatever inspires you is closely linked to your true purpose in life. Your reason for being here in the first place. Otherwise your inspirations wouldn’t touch you in the ways they do. Your inspirations are subtle reminders of your purpose and they are designed to encourage you to act. Reclaim Your Inspiration…

When we ignore our inspirations, we do ourselves an injustice for living. Think about a writer who writes, a painter who paints, a sculptor who fashions clay, a singer who sings…these people, as you can imagine, are inspired. They go into a ‘zone’ of creation when they operate within their inspiration. But the same holds true for those who are not artistic. Think about a teacher who loves to teach, a doctor who loves to help heal, a barista who finds pleasure in making you the perfect cup of $8.00 coffee at Starbucks; ALL of us are inspired to do some thing. And that ‘some thing’ does not necessarily need or have to be monumental in the state of fame or fortune. It simply should be something you absolutely love to do. It is your own ‘zone’ of happiness and fulfillment. It is your own ‘zone’ of pleasure and excitement. It is your own ‘zone’ of freedom to simply be.

I find inspiration in working out. I’m motivated to work out after I’ve eaten cake or ice cream. But I’m inspired to work out because of the way I feel when I’m done. After a good workout, I feel exhilarated, excited, aware and more alive. I feel inspiration from my workout; peaceful, calm, serene and yet excited about life. It’s that feeling that keeps me coming back to it. Not because I’m concerned about losing weight or maintaining some way of looking for someone else or even myself to judge. I’m inspired by my workout simply because I find my peace, tranquility and excitement when I do it. Others find these feelings in cooking, singing, running, meditating, doing yoga, etc. Whatever inspires us, is meant to offer these feelings, which is why it is incredibly important for us to pay attention to what we feel.

Paying attention to what we feel is the best barometer in measuring our alignment. Being in alignment with our soul provides us with the sweetest of all sweet spots along our journey. Alignment is the true centering of who we are. Alignment is the ultimate grounding of our being. Alignment offers undisturbed peace in the midst of any situation or circumstance. Therefore, exercising our inspirations puts us in an immediate state of alignment. And when we commune with our souls and are in alignment with our souls or our authentic selves, freedom is realized. Freedom to simply be.

When we consider our daily lives of bills, debt, mortgages, rent, car payments, nine-to-fives, it’s easy to lose sight of what is authentic to us. The things just mentioned are superficial to our authentic existence. It doesn’t mean we don’t find pleasure in owning a nice home or car and of course we create bills and debt to survive. But they are certainly not the things that define our authentic purpose and being. Yet, we tend to give those things most of our daily attention; the things that keep our minds trapped and in bondage as opposed to those things that set our minds free.

Think about how you feel regarding the bills you have to pay, the job you have to go to, the responsibilities of life you carry. Are they inspiring? Do they make you feel tranquil? Peaceful? Excited? Free? If you’re like me, I’m indifferent to those things and operate in a sense of dulled consciousness regarding them. I go to work, complain on Mondays, I might curse in traffic, feel the stress of deadlines, etc. But when I consider what I’m inspired by and what I’m inspired to do…it feels like the lifting of a weight off of my chest. It feels like a long, deep breath of fresh Spring air. It feels like I have no limits, no boundaries, no borders. It feels like freedom.

Most of us get caught up in our daily routines of life and responsibility and forego those things that are inspiring to us. In the context of ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ there is nothing wrong with that. What we offer you is a bit of freedom in the midst of our trap of consciousness. The trap that stifles your heartfelt desires and discards your inspirations because our minds have deemed them as impractical. “I’ve got too many other things to do than take time to learn how to play guitar.” Or “I have work to do, kids to raise and dinner to cook. How am I supposed to find time to follow my inspiration of singing professionally?” We encourage you to take a few steps forward instead:

  • Don’t Jump to the End of the Story

    Often times we don’t get started on something because we’re too busy trying to figure out what the final outcome will look like. Don’t worry about the final outcome. Set your desire in motion and simply act on it as it comes. Act on what inspires you.

  • Inspiration Is Not Famous

    Whatever inspires you doesn’t have to be some extravagant type of thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having large desires. The truth is, the Universe does not discern between what we consider as “large” and “small” in terms of success, wealth, fame, etc. The Universe simply responds and continues to respond to your desires based on what you are feeling, believing, saying and expecting. So DO whatever inspires you and keep doing it.

  • Inspiration Feeds and Grows on Inspiration

    When we take one step in the direction of what inspires us, that inspiration begins to grow. So as we think to ourselves about what ‘time we have or don’t have to spend on being inspired,’ understand that the hardest step towards embracing your inspiration is your first step. Once one step is made, the next becomes that much easier. So what you felt before in terms of ‘not having time to do this’ becomes ‘I HAVE to do this and I can’t wait to get back to it.’ And in that instant, your inspiration grows and begins to compound on itself.

    • Take a little time to first identify those things that inspire you. Then take the first step to exercising that inspiration in your life. Just do it. Do it without expectation of the final outcome. Just allow yourself to be fully present and feel that thing or action that is inspiring to you. And do that as often as possible, knowing you have the time to do it. What you will feel is tranquility, peace, excitement, fulfillment and most of all…freedom.

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