The Path of Least Resistance


Many conversations have been discussed surrounding this subject of the path of least resistance (PoLR). Most of us take it to mean taking the easy way out of something, avoiding conflict, circumventing something challenging, etc. Some have proposed that the PoLR does not allow growth as it is from resistance that we expand and become stronger ie. muscle growth through lifting weights, commonly referred to as “resistance training”; likewise life growth through trying experiences (resistance) causing growth/expansion.

However, for the purposes of this discussion, we would like you to consider the PoLR as the path of most allowing; the path of clarity; the path of alignment. The PoLR in life is about vibration. In the vibrational realm of the universe, attention to resistance attracts more resistance, which is completely contrary to the physical world, where we have been taught fight hard to overcome the resistance.

We are not encouraging fleeing from life’s issues (resistance). We are suggesting to take the path of most allowing until you are in better alignment to better address the issue at hand. How do you do this? Through mediation, yoga, taking a nap, sitting in stillness, engaging in fun activities, anything that slows the momentum down long enough to find alignment with your own power and clarity. All that we have asked for and are desiring, God knows, and has created the path to get to it, we just have to let go of resistance and allow. What are your thoughts on the path of least resistance?

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