The Eternal Guidance System (EGS)


Most all of us have some form of GPS (Global Positioning System) on our cell phones and/or in our vehicles. Some of them are highly sophisticated and able to perform very intelligent functions. But the point is simple, calculate the route to get from where I am to where I want to be. If you notice the system doesn’t ask or even care anything about where you’ve been, where you were yesterday, were you good to your mother, or any of those tedious questions we haunt ourselves with. The GPS is only concerned with where you are now and where you want to go, with the greater emphasis on the latter.

So it is with our Inner Being. One of its main benefits is providing us with clear direction, particularly when we’ve lost our way. It is our own personal internal or should I say eternal guidance system (EGS). Similarly, it knows the clear path from here to there, however it depends highly on us knowing where we want to go. Our eternal guidance system knows the best route to move from confusion and struggle to clarity and ease; to shift out of worry and frustration and into confidence and peace. But we must have clear vision, at minimum, the clarity that we at least want to feel good and be happy. As babies, we use this system so well. We cry when we are hungry, thirsty or uncomfortable and for the most part, our needs are met rather quickly. We laugh, coo and show our pleasure readily. We know exactly what we want in any given moment and how to get it. It is only as we grow and learn the so-called ways of the world from those around us, (parents, teachers and society), that our innate guidance system usually falls to the wayside, buried deep within us and rarely called upon. However, it is still there, much like a dormant GPS system, ready to be plugged in to the energy source to accurately direct us on our impending journey. If only we would recognize it, call upon it, and trust it! Many of us learn later in life (or should I say “re-learn”) how to access this power. Once we begin trusting on our “EGS,” it gets easier and easier and the guidance gets clearer and clearer.

So what happens when we lose the path or can’t find the highlighted route? And how do we utilize our God given gift of internal guidance? How many times do we have a feeling of dread or discord within us, warning us not to do something, and yet we do it anyway and discover it was not really a good course of action, and we should have trusted our intuition. It’s easy to use the GPS and to have faith in the system because you can physically SEE your progress (you’re moving!), so you know for certain you’re getting there. When we use our eternal guidance system however, we may not be able to ‘see’ our progress right away because it is a vibrational progress. Things in our lives manifest almost entirely on a vibrational level before we see any physical manifestations. We know we are on the right path by the way we FEEL, our emotions are our best indicator as to whether we are in alignment with our Inner Being and therefore on the right path.

It’s time we began to trust our own feelings again, and listen to our own personal guidance systems. Every one of us was born a complete master of our eternal guidance system. We all have access to it, if we only take heed.

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