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Week 42 – Is Your Action Inspired Or Motivated?

Focus more on the vibration and less on the situation – Edward Muhammad In the past few weeks I’ve found myself uninspired to do the things that I know must be done. I have come close to letting a couple of crucial deadlines catch me. I have allowed my living space to become cluttered in … Continue reading

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Week 11 – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa Dat!!!

“Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!” How many times have you said this in the past week? How many times have you thought it in the past week? You come home from work, your little one wants to have small talk with you but your mind is on cooking dinner, helping with homework and getting … Continue reading

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Week 12 – Inspired Action and Law Of Attraction

We’ve said it a million times in a million ways, but here’s one more quick summary of the Law of Attraction: You are a vibratory frequency emitter; you emit vibrations (energy) and frequencies every day, all day by your thoughts and feelings; the Universe responds to your predominant thoughts, and the essence of your thoughts … Continue reading

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“How Did I Attract THAT?”

Disclaimer: We realize this a very sensitive subject matter for most to comprehend and accept. The concept can be very disheartening and contradicts everything we’ve been taught to believe most of our lives. You don’t have to look far around to conclude that some things seem to be beyond our control – mass killings, cancer, … Continue reading

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