Remembering Your Purpose


Often times I ask my children, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Having 3 boys, they tend to respond in similar ways that I did when I was their ages; policeman, fireman, basketball star, or like my youngest replied the other day…”I’m going to go to work where YOU work.” This seems so innocent, which it is at this age as it should be. But do you find yourself later in life searching for your true purpose? Do you look back on when your parents asked you that question and how you responded? Can you look at your current job and say, “YES! I ALWAYS planned on doing this!” Most of us can’t say that. And it doesn’t mean we’ve made wrong decisions or that we are not happy with what we do. But let’s take a journey on truly remembering your purpose for being here.

Let’s establish a couple of truths: Your soul is everlasting and eternal. Your soul is ethereal. Your soul communes with God, Allah, Source Power, Jehovah, etc. Your soul lived somewhere else (Heaven, paradise, etc.) before you were born to your parents. Your body has an expiration date. Your body houses your soul. Your body is perishable while your soul is indestructible on this Earth. You chose to come here for a reason. You chose to live in physical form for a time. You chose to come manifest in physical forms. The question to ask yourself is….why?

Some people’s purposes are quite obvious; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, John F. Kennedy. Or Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey. But what about the everyday man/woman? You CHOSE to come here for a reason. You CHOSE to create, manifest and construct from the ethereal….to the physical. We tend to forget why we came. The imagination of a child is not naïve and uneducated. The imagination of a child is more aligned with the truths of our souls. We grow up and adopt limits on our lives. We should remember the times when there were no limitations on what we could do or create. THIS is our true selves. No boundaries on creation. No limits or glass ceilings. Just a simple understanding of what can be conceived can be created. We walk like the horses that pull carriages in cities…with the side blinders on as to not be distracted by our surroundings. The side blinders of self-inflicted limits: “I can’t pursue my real passion because I have a mortgage.” Or “I can’t do what I really want because I don’t know how I’ll get paid.” Or “I could NEVER do that cause I’m not trained or educated or certified. So I’ll just stay where I am and grind it out.” Self-inflicted.

Your soul is everlasting, eternal, ethereal, non-perishable and indestructible in this Earth. You are a powerful being who has been stunted by believing the limitations of your body are also the limitations of your soul. Break free of these thoughts. Who you REALLY are is not the reflection you see in the mirror. Who you REALLY are is the soul that lives within that body. Recognize and understand the power you possess. Remembering your purpose puts you in alignment with who you truly are and why you decided to come here.

So how do you remember your purpose? It’s very simple. What is your passion? What energizes you? What would you do every day of your life even if you didn’t get paid to do it? Sing? Write? Dance? Act? Help the homeless? Sweep floors? Clean houses? Save animals? Teach? There are no wrong answers. “But I’ve got to make a living and I can’t follow my passion and make a living!” This is what many people would say. And in doing so, you’ve just put the horse blinders back on your face. In a previous post we talked about “Removing the Road Blocks” of life. Invest time in yourself. Take the knowledge you have right now at whatever age you are and go back to when you were 6 years old, free of all boundaries, and ask yourself, “what do I want to do when I grow up?” Discover it all over again. There are no wrong answers. The hardest part of this will be discovering what it is you would do everyday without getting paid. Discovering your true passion. But it is there. And it is asking for you to acknowledge it. You WILL find it. And when you do find it…you’ll be more aligned with why you chose to come here. This will be your purpose. Now how do I activate it?

Activate your true passion by focusing on it without limitations. Without boundaries. And without restriction. Envision yourself doing that thing you are passionate about. Read about it. Meditate on it. Eat, sleep, drink and breathe your passion throughout your day. Every day. Express your desires about it and allow it to happen. The Law of Attraction is true. The more you envision yourself doing exactly what you chose to come here to do, things will come your way that align with that purpose. It has no choice. It is the law. Do not get stifled by establishing your own timelines as to when it’s supposed to happen for you. God, Source Power, the Universe, Jehovah will continue to pave the road for you in perfect timing. You simply need to know the Law of Attraction is true. “And how will I get paid?” Understand…true wealth is living 100% within the reasons on why you chose to come here. True enlightenment is being aware at all times. Remember your purpose. And find true happiness and wealth by living it.

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