Escaping from the Matrix

Regardless of religion, you are a spiritual being. This is your nature. Your intuition, your consciousness, that little voice in your head…all elude to the spiritual being of who you are. In the words of renowned author Esther Hicks, “You are the leading edge of thought.” In other words, your consciousness creates. To be more … Continue reading

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Remove The Speed Bumps of Resistance

Imagine your mind as being a car. Your life being the highway. You’ve set your destination and you start out on your journey. What stops you from reaching your destinations on life’s joy ride? Speed limits slow you down. Pot holes upset your ride. Fuel stops delay your arrival. And speed bumps throw you off … Continue reading

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The Path of Least Resistance

Many conversations have been discussed surrounding this subject of the path of least resistance (PoLR). Most of us take it to mean taking the easy way out of something, avoiding conflict, circumventing something challenging, etc. Some have proposed that the PoLR does not allow growth as it is from resistance that we expand and become … Continue reading

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Remembering Your Purpose

Often times I ask my children, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Having 3 boys, they tend to respond in similar ways that I did when I was their ages; policeman, fireman, basketball star, or like my youngest replied the other day…”I’m going to go to work where YOU work.” This … Continue reading

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The Eternal Guidance System (EGS)

Most all of us have some form of GPS (Global Positioning System) on our cell phones and/or in our vehicles. Some of them are highly sophisticated and able to perform very intelligent functions. But the point is simple, calculate the route to get from where I am to where I want to be. If you … Continue reading

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