2016 Week 4 – Blessed Be the Problem

The word problem(s) is probably one of the most frequently used words in our vocabulary. There is not one of us who does not come across this word on a regular basis in one way or another. All of us as individuals and collectively regularly face problems in our daily lives. As a matter of … Continue reading

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2016 Week 5 – Tune In

Tune Your “Radio” For Clarity In Life… I remember years and years ago my grandfather had an old AM radio. He loved to listen to baseball games during the season. But unless the antennas were positioned properly and the dial set to the exact frequency, the transmission would be full of static, the announcers unclear … Continue reading

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2016 Week 6 – Passion vs Profession – Follow the Excitement

Are you fulfilling your passion or just working on your profession? If money was not an object of your concern, what would you be doing with your life every day? What gives your life meaning? What brings you joy? What inspires you? And are your answers to these questions compatible with your everyday activities? Are … Continue reading

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2016 Week 7 – Live Your Life Like a Movie…

Live your life like it’s a movie. A movie that you’ve never seen before. An improvisation where you have NO idea what’s going to happen next. And guess what?!?!? YOU’RE the star! But let’s start from the beginning. When you were first born, chances are your parents looked at you with such promise. Such high … Continue reading

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2016 Week 8 – (Re)Defining Your Moments

This past week I had what I would call a defining moment, or better yet a redefining moment, one those moments in life where I could emotionally go in either direction – negative or positive. I had one of those experiences that sort of redefines, and re-establishes who and what you think you are as … Continue reading

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