Week 52 – SWEET 16!

Oh what a difference a year can make, or month, or a day, or even one hour, or one single moment. This journey began 52 weeks ago with my cousin and I having weekly phone conversations, him living in California and me here in Tennessee. It began with us simply sharing ideas, new concepts, different … Continue reading

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At the top of this year, my cousin and I decided we would set out on a quest to share knowledge and information regarding alignment of your soul and enlightenment of your consciousness. Our intentions were to help others by posting one blog per week on Sundays for 52 weeks. I must say we are … Continue reading

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2016 Week 1 – Activate Your Resolutions

Welcome to 2016! The new year gives us an opportunity to hit the virtual “reset” button on our journey. And what an opportunity to be grateful for! Many people see the new year as a new beginning, a new start with an optimistic view. As we begin the new year, the possibilities to achieve greatness … Continue reading

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2016 Week 2 – How Can I Use the Law Of Attraction To My Advantage?

As we begin this second year journey of Align to Enlighten we will pick up where we left off in 2015 on several concepts and topics, some maybe familiar while others maybe not so much. It is our intention however, to provide food for thought on things we have learned and are learning along our … Continue reading

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2016 Week 3 – Namaste

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience” – Pierre Tielhard De Chardin. Over the past year, we’ve talked at length about your authentic self. Not the self you see in the mirror, but the true self within. The quiet observer. The inner you. The you … Continue reading

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