“I DESERVE better…”

I deserve better!! Says whom? Have you ever witnessed something fantastic happen to someone or maybe to yourself that, in your mind, was undeserving? While yet another person who, again in your mind, had worked harder and gotten far less than what they “deserved?” We see “good” things happen to “bad” people all the time, … Continue reading

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Every Cycle is a Circle

Have you ever thought about what you don’t think about? LOL…like breathing. We don’t consciously THINK about breathing, but it happens. And sometimes we think about the fact that we don’t think about breathing. Thank God we don’t HAVE to think about it constantly in order for it to happen. Otherwise, we may stop breathing … Continue reading

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The Physics of Vibration – Breaking the Cycle

It works like this- You think a thought, you have a feeling about that thought, you vibrate a frequency, you attract a manifestation. Simple right? Kind of, but not really. More and more people are realizing everyday this paradigm shift that “we create our reality.” More and more we are coming into the realization or … Continue reading

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The Walking, Talking Dead…Are You a Zombie?

So, I am a HUGE fan of the shows The Walking Dead and also Fear the Walking Dead. For me, it simply makes for good, mind-numbing entertainment. LOL…not much more to it than that. If you don’t know or are not familiar with the show, the premise is, “something” (we still don’t know what) has … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Face Reality!

Well, actually let’s NOT do that! We do not encourage anyone, at any time, for any reason to “face” reality. No matter how dire the circumstances appear to be. We are proponents of CREATING reality. Of course, there are times where we obviously are forced to deal with things that are presented to us in … Continue reading

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