Loving Unconditionally


Loving Unconditionally – This is a huge subject, one in which we hope to break into parts for deeper discussion later. But for now we’ll just introduce the topic and provide thoughts. What does loving unconditionally mean to you? For most I’ve talked to and come in contact with it means, you love me regardless. Regardless of my flaws, regardless of how I treat you or how I behave. We’re taught early on about “agape” love, the love of God being unconditional. We’ve been taught to trust in agape love as being the ultimate, the epitome of happiness, nirvana, the ‘happily ever after.’

I used to be a stark skeptic on the subject, having been through many failed relationships; even cynical towards the concept. I now better understand what unconditional love is about. Unconditional love does not mean you look at some despicable behavior and love it anyway. And it’s not so much about loving the other regardless of their treatment of you. Unconditional love is more about loving YOURSELF. Loving yourself enough to stay in alignment with your inner being and connection to your Source (God) despite the condition. It’s more about your commitment to holding yourself in vibrational alignment, your unyielding relationship between you, the REAL you, and God.

Your Creator loves- PERIOD! Not because anything that we do or don’t do. There’s nothing particularly special about us in that sense that God would love us, as God loves ALL creation. But choosing to demonstrate that level of love to each other the way God does…seeing each other through the eyes of God, noncritical, nonjudgmental, not depending on a person’s behavior nor condition of a thing to change…THAT is what unconditional love represents. Unconditional love is saying that I want so much to be connected to God energy that I will allow the fullness of who I really am to flow through me no matter what you do or say, no matter what thing happens. Again it does not mean tolerate abuse or anything as such. And it’s easy to love the lovable. But how much more difficult is it to love those people and situations who are not so easy to love. This is the point of loving your enemies, and turning the other cheek. You can’t just look at someone with absolute love in your being, without them coming into alignment with the absolute love in your being. This is the way we uplift the world. To love unconditionally, not because the thing or person is lovable, but because lovable is in you now. And is your eternal way.

And whether you realize or recognize…love is our fundamental function. That’s why it feels so good to love and to be loved. If you don’t believe that, ask yourself what tops that feeling from an emotional standpoint? Nothing. It is our most fundamental emotion and is needed for survival. However, we tend to put parameters on love, which means we put parameters on ourselves. Release your love. Release it to be free to roam and explore new heights. (In a non-perverted way) Imagine yourself walking through life with love as your primary emotion. Primary when you grocery shop, walk the dog, go to work, pay your mortgage…infuse LOVE in ALL things you do to unleash the ultimate joy, happiness, peace and of course….love. After all, it is your eternal way.

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