Love As A Primary Emotion…

Week-33–Love-As-A Primary-Emotion

“Love is a field of flowers filling the air with its gentle aroma as its petals dance in the wind and smile in the sunshine” –G Black

Love is the fundamental emotion that motivates life. From the time children are born it is imperative for them to feel the touch of another human. That connection between mother and child is an outpouring of love that solidifies an eternal bond between the two. Falling in love with another person is also an experience that songwriters have attempted to explain through sultry lyrics and balladry since time began. It’s the butterflies in the stomach, the fluttering of the heart, the joy and happiness just by the sound of the other person’s voice. Love is gentle, compassionate, understanding and non-judge mental. That’s why it feels like sunshine and tastes like sweet rain. Since we come from a place of love and our God our Creator is love and we are created in His image…then love must be our primary emotion.

Imagine yourself in these various scenarios with those you love. Remember the birth of a child and the love you felt and still feel when you look at them. Reminisce on the innocent nervousness you’ve felt when first falling in love with another. These are the feelings and emotions that tickle your soul. These feelings provide a platform for joy, happiness and contentment. Love is a driver of life, forever looking to expand and share its lasting effects on all who experience it. Love is a catalyst to all that is ecstasy. So, given these facts…why do we ration our love as if it is scarce? Why do we hold it back as if we will run out of it? Why do we hold back a fundamental emotion that asks to be shared so it may be returned unto you?

How do we define who deserves the love we want to share? Do we base it on judgments dependent on the expected reciprocation of love from the other person? “I need to see if they will love ME before I can express love to THEM.” Is this supposed to be some type of defense mechanism? And what is it we are protecting? Our feelings of course. I get it. But what about the desired feelings you have? Do you not desire to love and be loved? Do you not desire to create and experience joy and happiness? Are you too busy “protecting” your feelings to the point that you are restricting your possibilities? Restricting love stifles your desires of joy and happiness. The more we protect, safeguard and ration love, the more fleeting love becomes in our lives.

Recently I watched a story on television where a woman confronted the convicted murderer of her son. The woman showed incredible love and compassion toward the prisoner, telling him, “I forgive you for what you did to my son. And I love you in spite of your crimes.” Frankly, I was shocked and at first overwhelmed with frustrated emotion as I tried to put myself in her shoes and thought about how I would feel in that situation. Later I came to understand that by this woman opening her love to the man that killed her son, allowed HER to regain joy, happiness and contentment in her life. Without the love and forgiveness the woman would remain in the bondage of her hatred which stifles the emotions you truly desire. So for that, it is important to understand the approach to ANYTHING and to ANYONE and to any SITUATION is through a sense of primary love.

We often times pedal or barter our love for others. This is a selfish way that only stifles our own growth. By giving love freely and willingly without the thought of outcome or consequence, allows more love and light into our lives. Love is what we attract when we give it freely. Approach your job with love in mind and watch your negative thoughts about Monday morning disappear. Approach your teenagers with love as a primary emotion and watch yourself start to understand where they are coming from, standing in the space they are standing. Approach your bills with love, yes your bills, understanding that you are grateful that you have means to create them and you expect to pay them.

Love is our home base. Love is what lifts spirits. Love should be given freely and frequently. It doesn’t matter what happens on the other side of the equation. Simply lead with, approach and offer love in all situations and circumstances. Period. What you will receive in return will astound you. All of your desires in life can be attained when operating from a fundamental basis of love. Imagine….if you were a tree of love…your branches would be JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE….and your leaves would be SMILES, LAUGHTER, CONTENTMENT and SUCCESS. By making love your primary emotion, we prune our tree of the stress, angst, frustration and doubt we tend to feel. Our tree of love becomes more rooted as we replace those negative things with strength, confidence and desired expectation. We remove fear and doubt which allows the fruits of desire and expected outcomes to flourish. Our tree reaches for the sun with every confirmation, justification and realized desire we experience. This is what happens when love operates as our primary emotion and not some scarce resource we look to protect.

Therefore….THIS week, we invite you to wake up with love on your mind as your primary emotion. Approach any and all people and situations from the primary emotion of love. Pay attention to the responses you receive in return from people. Be attentive to how situations and circumstances start to unfold to your desires. Watch God’s Universe and the order of things return to you that which you have given. The reciprocal of love is not based on another human. The reciprocal of love is based on God’s law. Thus it will be returned to you 100% of the time and without fail. Give it away. As much as possible. Give love away.

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