Lose Control


Often times I find myself looking to control a situation. To affect a different outcome. To steer the situation to my direction or favor. To influence another to do what I want them to do. To control the reality I see. Even to create the best, most popular blog ever known to man. My “perceived” control tends to drive me. But recently, I heard Esther Hicks say, “the speed of accuracy is the absence of resistance.” THE SPEED OF ACCURACY IS THE ABSENCE OF RESISTANCE. When you consider control it implies regulations against resistance. But in the absence of resistance is accuracy. Therefore, the more we look to control a situation, the less control we truly have because of the presence of resistance.

So in a simple way…we all look to control to deliver our desired result. But the bottom line is, all we need to do is desire and allow. Allow it to happen naturally. I know that is very counterintuitive. We have been conditioned to stand up for what we feel is right, fight if we have to for what we believe in, and dominate the space we’re in. But perhaps we should stop looking to control the outcome. Because the more we do, the further our desired outcome runs away from us. For example, if you’re chasing money it runs really fast. If you express your desire to have it, and hold your vision in alignment with your desire, it will come to you. You will not need to chase it. That doesn’t mean you don’t act on your desires. It means instead of putting your desired outcomes on a deadline full of ultimatums the way we do, simply desire and allow. When we desire and allow, we must KNOW it will be given. The Law of Attraction is hindered and sometimes halted by resistance. Control and resistance are two sides of the same coin.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Life is one gigantic orchestra. And God has put the Universe in place to orchestrate it all. That’s why we are in the right place at the right time, ALL the time. But what we have sometimes forgotten is that we are spiritually empowered by God in this world to manifest our physical desires. Physical desires to be a successful mother or father, or successful in sports, or your career, or as an office manager, a painter or whatever pleases you. So instead of looking to control a situation, we should simply start manifesting solutions. Manifest your desired outcome by expressing your desire and watching the Universe put people and things in your path that align with that desire. Everything that is physical is a manifestation of consciousness. The beauty of this world is that we are all designed and created to be deliberate creators. Lose the perceived control. Desire. Allow. Know. Receive.

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