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“Life is a series of moments strung together like a chain.  Negativity weakens the links of your fiber, while positivity guilds the strength of your authentic being” – Gene Black

Learn about Edward and Gene, Life Coaches in Orange County CA and Memphis, TN!


We are first cousins (Edward and Gene) who were raised together a great portion of our childhood like brothers. We come from a tightly-knit family with strong, hard-working, faithful parents and grandparents. We grew up as members of the Christian Church where we spent a great majority of our childhood. We both agree this was our introduction to spiritual growth and religion. We practically lived at church growing up and our roots remain in that sanctity.
Church was the catalyst for our spiritual foundation. We learned a great deal about God, Jesus Christ, the disciples, how to live “right” and many other beliefs. Church guided our lives and principles as we grew up, but it wasn’t until adulthood that we realized that spirituality transcends church.

Our lives took different courses as we both grew older.

Edward: I have spent the majority of my life in Tennessee, married, divorced, and raised two beautiful children. I graduated from Tennessee State University, pursued a career in health care as an Occupational Therapist, and have successfully started my own business.

Gene: I moved to Michigan with my mother and stepfather, graduated from Morehouse College, lived in St. Thomas, and eventually got married, and have a beautiful wife and four wonderful children. After leaving St. Thomas I’ve made a career in Corporate America for almost 20 years and currently reside in Southern California.

Of course, both our journeys have taken many twists and turns along the way which have helped shape us into the men we are today.


There was a turning point that took place with both of us. You know, the point where you know your life will never be the same. The place where you become aware of things like never before. What we understand now is that many of us live a life of inner conflict and outward contradiction. We see ourselves as who we are when we look in the mirror, and that’s the person many of us relate to along with our ego and our perceived realities. But the authentic truth is, we are souls having a human experience, not humans who experience spirituality from time to time. The authentic you, the authentic me is the soul that lives within.

It was this point of understanding when we connected beyond any level we had ever connected before throughout our entire lives as cousins. We became conscious of Universal laws and principles, and we communicated on these principles daily.

We saw IMMEDIATE changes in each other. We watched one another expand and grow consciously. We watched each other demonstrate tremendous strength in the face of adversity with a new-found understanding of spiritual empowerment. We shared our new quest with whomever would listen, and even with those who wouldn’t listen. Our conversations suddenly, and almost seemingly overnight, elevated and transcended into something neither one of us anticipated.


From our respective journeys through this life, and our desire to elevate and improve our own personal lives’ circumstances, Align to Enlighten was born. It was created as a platform for us to discuss spiritual growth, spiritual empowerment, self-mastery and to help provide a road map for discovering individual inspirational methods and techniques that we both benefit from while helping others realize the same benefits. We formalized and published things we had been discussing and talking about for years. It’s funny…nowadays we can barely even remember what we talked about before we started this mission, seems like this has been what we’ve always discussed.


Our intention and true desire is to inspire. For all those who interact with Align to Enlighten, we want you to live an authentically inspired life. We want to provoke thought, promote dialogue, and inspire change. There is a paradigm shift taking place. Have you noticed? The collective consciousness of society is shifting. We want to continue to encourage that shift. That shift to a greater understanding of spirituality and manifestation of desire. Those who desire to make the shift of aligning your soul to enlighten your life…welcome.

This is not a religious site and is not designed to challenge or debate religious beliefs. Therefore, if the views shared or expressed here are offensive to you, please note, that it is not our intention. OUR intention, our vision is to share our experiences and understandings of Universal laws and principles that promote self-mastery of ways to live a richer, more fulfilled, and inspired life. After all, the authentic you, is the soul that lives within. The authentic you, communes with God, The Creator, Jehovah, Allah, (High), etc. And we are made in HIS image…that image being ethereal…not material. So, the TRUE you and the TRUE me is the spirit within. And spending time with the authentic you, helps provide context to our current and future realities. The realities we choose to create.

So, ALIGNMENT is what we do to maintain that constant state of being in touch with our authentic selves. And ENLIGHTENMENT is simply about being constantly aware that this context even exists in the first place. Join us on this journey of Align to Enlighten to gain a perspective of improving your life through Spiritual Empowerment in Orange County, CA and Memphis, TN.