Escaping from the Matrix


Regardless of religion, you are a spiritual being. This is your nature. Your intuition, your consciousness, that little voice in your head…all elude to the spiritual being of who you are. In the words of renowned author Esther Hicks, “You are the leading edge of thought.” In other words, your consciousness creates.

To be more clear, the stork didn’t bring you, you didn’t magically appear, but you CHOSE to come here from the eternity you enjoyed with God, Source Power, Jehovah, Allah, whomever you acknowledge as the all-knowing higher power. You chose to come here to manifest your thoughts and desires into physical things and experiences. That is your fundamental truth.

However, we tend to get caught up in what we call “The Matrix.” Yes, very similar to the Matrix movie trilogy themes. This “Matrix” keeps us from remembering why we chose to come here and what we chose to come here to do.

If you can remember back to the Matrix, you know all about the surface story – how Artificial Intelligence created a computer construct (The Matrix) of OUR present day world and, through a hard wire directly into the brain, fed it to us humans who were, in reality, kept in incubators and used for their energy output as a power source for the Artificial Intelligence. In other words, “reality” existed ONLY in the people’s minds. It was about how the world relates to the infinite; Everything is one; Everything is connected to everything else and there are subtle ways humans can actually manipulate this reality; the whole ‘machine war’ in the Matrix movie was just a metaphor of our true reality; the main message then and now is that we have more control of our lives and world and possess more power than we realize.

Just as in the Matrix reality was understood to be a complex computer simulation created by artificial intelligence, so it is today in this world we live in artificial, superficial, pseudo intelligence.

Created by a malevolent Artificial Intelligence, the Matrix hid the truth from humanity, allowing people to live a convincing, simulated life while machines grew and harvested people to use as an ongoing energy source. This sounds strikingly similar to today. But we call it the “rat race.”

The reality is we are all extensions of infinite intelligence. As the character in the Matrix (Neo), didn’t realize his power, so it is with us as we go day to day in sort of in a trans-like state, moving almost involuntarily from home to work and back home, with very little if any real purpose in life.

As we embark on a new year, let us begin by empowering ourselves to the knowledge of a new reality. That being, we can have, do, and be anything we choose. We are powerful creators with the ability to bring any desire into being.

Remember the last line in the original Matrix, after neo has freed the minds of the people and exposed them to the real world, he says, “Where we go next, is up to you”. Going from artificial intelligence to Infinite intelligence!

Now you say, “huh? What are you talking about? I’ve got bills to pay, a job to do, responsibilities to maintain…this is LIFE!” Yes, it IS life. The life you’ve created from the thoughts you’ve held and perpetuated. But understand, you are the leading edge of thought. Whatever can be conceived can be created. It is as simple as expressing the desire. Holding the vision. And allowing it to happen. This year as we embark on this road of alignment to enlightenment, share this journey of dialog and expression with us. Accomplish all of the things you want to achieve, create a new reality not only in your mind but in your ‘life’ and become aligned with the real you. Understand…the only things that have or are stopping you from achieving what you desire on the road to THIS life are the speed bumps of doubt, the potholes of worry and the roadblocks of fear.

A happy and joyful life comes from a happy and joyful mind. Let’s start now creating our greatness!

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