2016 Week 8 – (Re)Defining Your Moments


This past week I had what I would call a defining moment, or better yet a redefining moment, one those moments in life where I could emotionally go in either direction – negative or positive. I had one of those experiences that sort of redefines, and re-establishes who and what you think you are as a person. Have I really changed like I think I have? Has everything I’ve called myself practicing and living for the past few years eternalized within me, and am I able to put what I think I’ve learned into practical use? These were just a couple of questions I had to ask myself as I embarked on this pivotal situation. Don’t get me wrong, this was not life threatening in the sense of causing me bodily harm, but could be considered as such in that it could have had a potentially negative affect on my life as I knew to be from that point going forward by impacting my beliefs, perceptions, and tainting my image and outlook on life, and how things work in this world.

Sometimes in life we’re faced with circumstances and situations that test our faith and our resolve as to where we thought we’d progressed to. We have experiences in life that have the potential to shape our perceptions in ways that don’t serve our true selves and don’t compliment the new expanded being we’ve come to realize. It is in these redefining moments that we find out who and what we’re truly made of. It’s here where we’re giving the opportunity to practice the preaching and walk the talk.

Up to this point I had sort of prided myself on several key understandings regarding universal principles and laws; and was fairly confident in my ability to direct my thoughts and energies to produce the things I have desired. I felt strongly that I was well on my way towards mastery of these principles and mastery of becoming a deliberate creator. And then BOOM – the challenge came. And it wasn’t like I didn’t know it was coming. This had been an exercise for the past 4-5 years (actually much longer than that), an ongoing dispute and litigation that I’d prepared myself for in every possible outcome. I had played the scenario out and had seen the outcome as positive and good. Up to this point, there had been no other circumstance in my life that caused more focus, created more desire, and allowed the greatest opportunity to practice what we’ve been teaching for the past 2 years. Sure there have been things I’ve gone through that have been far more serious than this. Death and illness certainly weigh heavy on the emotional scale than what I’m speaking of here. But sometimes, oftentimes the people you love and have had close intimate ties to can potentially have the greatest impact on your well-being – if you allow it. Fear, anger, anxiety, stress, bitterness, resentment, animosity, etc., You name the negative emotion and it has been a part of my dealings with on this subject matter for some time. And guess what… I have appreciated every single moment!

Here’s what I learned and hopefully you can find value as well:

Whenever you experience any type of negative emotion, it is fear based. And the fear is a perceived lack that you think you will experience. You think in your mind that it’s going to be bad, that for some reason you won’t be okay. Your imagination conjures up the illusion and vibration of lack that if not carefully checked, will become your reality. Lack – the F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real), the false perception of reality, that I either have lost something, am about to lose something, or will lose something of great value in the future. Whether it be a relationship(s), persona, money, prestige, image, comfortable living, job, home, cars, status, etc. When any type of negative emotion crops up, look at it closely, you will see that it is most times based on lack, and your false perception of lack, and losing something that you THINK will have a negative impact on your life. This is a fallacy to the umpteenth degree! You are a creator!! Albeit most times we create by default, through careless thought patterns, but a creator nonetheless. Through enlightenment and alignment, you come to realize that you have everything you will ever need RIGHT NOW! And that there is never, ever any lack. The universe guarantees that!!

Consider this actual fact: The world, this Earth we live on, spends on an axis at the rate of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour, and we feel nothing! We can’t even tell that the Earth is moving (pause)! It rotates by the light power of the sun which is 93 million miles away from the Earth; and the light from the sun at this distance traveling at the speed of 186,000 mi/sec impacts the Earth at the same rate of speed as it does the closest planet Mercury and the furthest planet Pluto, causing all planets to spin on their axis at the same rate of speed. This is really amazing to me! Amazing in that it is a constant reminder that we are ALWAYS well supported! We are ALWAYS taken care of! The system is already in place to take care of all our needs and our wants. There is no such thing as lack in this abundant universe!! God has seen to that and has provided guiding principles and laws that govern this fact. This is why the fish and fowl of the Earth do not spend any time concerned about lack. Because instinctively they know that they’re provided for. Instinctively they know they are well supported. How much more as human beings, the greatest of God’s creation in my opinion, should we instinctively know this?
So needless to say the outcome from my situation, my redefining moment was extremely successful! The knowledge, new desires, and expansion I gained was priceless – literally! I asked myself in looking back would I have changed anything. And I can answer this honestly and emphatically, NO! I would not have changed one single aspect of the way this circumstance played out because then I would be aborting the process, aborting the opportunity to experience this tremendous demonstration of power and creation in my life. I love the evidence and demonstration of God’s power and strength working through me! I will never be the same and can never go back to previous limiting beliefs and thought patterns. I have experienced a redefining moment and All is well, and All is getting better and better!

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