2016 Week 5 – Tune In


Tune Your “Radio” For Clarity In Life…

I remember years and years ago my grandfather had an old AM radio. He loved to listen to baseball games during the season. But unless the antennas were positioned properly and the dial set to the exact frequency, the transmission would be full of static, the announcers unclear and the game would not be enjoyable. So he would twist the dial gently and angle the antenna slowly until the exact clarity of sound he was looking for was produced.

How much different is this type of “tuning” compared to our daily journey in life? We are surrounded by static, unclear sounds and noise on a daily basis. Often times, we accept this as the sounds we are supposed to hear. We are accepting of the mediocre sounds of life and are resigned to relegate our happiness to subpar or unclear emotion and meaning. In other words, the “noise” we hear and respond to daily has been made to be authentic in our interpretations as opposed to being recognized for what it truly is…noise. Tune into your soul to find the sweet music of authenticity. How do we discern between the fallacies of the noise and the authenticities of truth? One way is to discern between interpretations and observations.

Our minds are the central points of our frequencies to everything else we desire. We have an opportunity to change our minds, our observations, our perceptions and subsequently our realities…all based on how we think and what we believe. The key is “tuning our perceptions” and creating the realities we desire.

Earlier this week the COO of the company I work for called the Directors and National Managers into the Board Room for a “grave announcement.” The announcement was that we would not be receiving bonuses this year even though we had record sales in 2015. We were then instructed to share this news with our respective employees. As I prepared to share this news with my team, there were many things that ran through my mind…”these people are counting on this money. They are going to be very upset and angry that we won’t have bonuses this year. What is this going to do for morale? What am I going to do?!?!?” In that moment, as I am not emotionally immune, I was also upset. The personal thoughts in my mind were, “I had plans to pay off some bills with that money. That money was going to allow me to catch up on some saving I had planned. What about the trip I was planning with my family for this year? What now?!?!?” In the next moment I realized I was listening to the static on my radio station and not the sweet music of my soul. I was not “tuned in” to MY radio station. I was upset and anticipated the anger and frustrations my employees would feel. I accepted what my ego was telling me: “These people don’t care about employees! Look at all the hard work you put in last year! You deserve MUCH better than this! You should go somewhere where you’re respected and rewarded for what you do.” Noise. I had decided to interpret the message of “we won’t be receiving bonuses this year” as “you don’t give a damn about ME.” That is an interpretation of the message. The simple objective observation of the message is “the company will not be paying bonuses this year.”

True enlightenment is about being AWARE at all times. Aware to the fact that the intangible part of you, your mind and at a deeper level, your soul, has the power to create realities. Therefore, before I delivered the “grave news” to my employees, I had a talk with myself first. Here is what I said:

I am a spiritual being having a human experience – therefore my happiness is determined by how I choose to feel, not from any outside source, especially money.
What can be conceived can be created – the ethereal commands the material. Therefore whatever I desire I can manifest into being as I am a co-creator with God. So I have conceived financial abundance for me and my family BEFORE the announcement of no bonuses. And financial abundance is what I expect to be manifested.
I am made of my desires and my desires are manifested from what my soul commands out of a pure heart.
The vibration I create IS my bonus! Being in alignment, being aware, having understanding of authentic truth is the foundation to what you truly seek! It is where happiness, joy and bliss are born, independent of ANY material thing.
And in that moment, I “tuned my radio.” The static, the noise, the breaking up of sound and authentic truth was made clear. While I did not like the fact that we did not receive a bonus, coming back into alignment, tuning my radio for what is true, provided the avenue of happiness, joy, bliss and “bonus” in the midst of that moment. That IS the bonus! Being able to hear “the noise” and not be reactive to “the noise” but be proactive in your spirit is more than any bonus can offer. We have two primary perceptions: joy or pain. Many people perceived this situation as “pain” of some sort. ‘I need money to pay my bills. I wanted to take my family on vacation. I wanted to save some extra. I was going to use that to pay my child’s tuition.’ And now that they don’t have that option…tragedy happens in their minds. Tragedy happens in their minds! The place where your creation, where your reality is birthed. And it sounds like, “you didn’t give me a bonus therefore you don’t care about me. You didn’t give bonuses so I must not have done a good job. You didn’t pay out bonuses so our company must be in trouble and I need to find a job immediately.” THIS is the reality being created in that moment. The alternative offers a better outcome. Alternatives start with where you are grateful. “I am grateful for having this job. I am grateful for this building I come to daily. I am grateful for the coworkers I have.” This space allows for the flow of vibrational energy that is receptive to the creation of your desires and expectations. “I am grateful for this company and this position and I expect my desires to be filled regarding promotion and prosperity in life.” Period. There is no possible way to create desired outcomes out of constrictive behavior; “I hate them for treating me this way! I just want to go and curse out my manager for not granting me that promotion! I’m so mad I’m going to take it out on the next person who says something!” Remember the Law of Attraction…what you focus on expands. Focus on your desired outcomes with ZERO energy towards the negative thoughts of what you don’t desire. “The speed of accuracy is the absence of resistance” – Esther Hicks So, if you have a positive desired outcome, do not impede its progress with negativity.

Tune into your soul. Adjust your frequency to remove the static and the noise of perceived circumstance. Do this by becoming an observer of people and situations as opposed to an interpreter of people and circumstance. A quick litmus test is knowing that the interpreter is ALWAYS your ego and the observer is ALWAYS your soul. Your ego is fragile, insecure and is full of limiting stories and interpretations. Your soul observes and is strong, everlasting, aware of the authentic truths of creativity, manifestations and the Divine ordinance of God. Tune into your soul and receive the clarity you desire in the station that is the authentic and beautifully created YOU.

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