2016 Week 3 – Namaste


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience” – Pierre Tielhard De Chardin.

Over the past year, we’ve talked at length about your authentic self. Not the self you see in the mirror, but the true self within. The quiet observer. The inner you. The you that you find in stillness. In meditation. Your soul. We’ve also spoken about how your soul is your direct connection to God and how living from the inside out as opposed to the outside in will provide clarity, tranquility and ease of success in life. This is all because the authentic you is born of the Divine and is everlasting. We’ve spoken about how your body is material with an expiration date but your soul is ethereal and everlasting. With these thoughts in mind of who we TRULY are and where we TRULY come from, isn’t is almost silly to wrestle with petty differences of opinion, race, creed, color, religion, socio-economic status or political affiliation? We are all ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ born of the Divine with similar traits, living within a body, while perfectly made, that allows our spirits, our souls to experience life in a different way. These are the facts of who we TRULY are. Yet we continue to have strife because many do not understand our true existence.

How many people can you say that you simply don’t like? You don’t like them because of whatever…”their attitude is bad, they’re mean” or you don’t like the way they talk, walk or dress, or for whatever reason, they make you ‘mad’ all the time. You don’t like their political views or how they see life or ‘they think they’re all that!’ Have you ever stopped to go beyond whatever story you’ve made up as to why you don’t like them, and truly investigate WHY you feel the way you do? Is not every person unique? Isn’t every person’s persona unique to them? Or better put…every person has a unique finger print. Would you not like someone because their finger print doesn’t resemble yours? This silly analogy of passing judgment on someone because of how their finger print looks is the same silliness to passing judgment on someone because they are different than you. Every person’s life experience is unique to that person. In every way. NONE of them are the same. So understand the same uniqueness the person possesses that you don’t like is the same as YOUR uniqueness that someone else doesn’t like. For whatever reasons they have. And NONE of us have the power nor the authority to judge that.

With THAT being said, we offer you Namaste. [nuhm–uh-stey] Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit greeting still used today in Indian culture. Roughly translated, Namaste means, the Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you. It’s a greeting that suggests we are all from the same Divine consciousness. We are one, with no divisibility because we ALL share the same light. The light of Divine consciousness, love, peace, tranquility and unity. We are all part of the collective spirit. The spirit of God lives within us all. Therefore, passing judgment on another is also passing judgment on yourself. The reason we do not appreciate the differences in others is because our egos don’t allow us to appreciate them. As stated in last year’s Week 27 Marry Yourself and Divorce Your Ego, our egos tell limiting stories that keep us trapped in a mental cell of make believe perception and meaning. When the reality is, WE create the meaning to what is perceived. WE also create meaning from expectation. So if we muzzle the ego, and look to someone and first acknowledge the Divine light within them by the Divine light within YOU, you offer an interaction that is based in divinity, love, peace, tranquility and unity. Imagine having that type of awareness every single day with every single person you come in contact with. All day. Every day…”the Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you.” Imagine how your interactions with people in general change with that acknowledgment. Imagine how your expectation of interaction with people you say you like or dislike changes with that acknowledgment. Imagine the expectation and the freely giving of love you will experience with that acknowledgment. Namaste. And what’s even more impactful is what you will receive in return.

When you walk through your day acknowledging the Divine light in others and operating from a sense of love, tranquility and unity, even those who you consider your “enemies” have no choice but to acquiesce to your disposition. Why? Because we are spiritual beings first, having a human experience second. The fundamental and authentic US is born of the same Divine consciousness. Therefore when you are communicating from a space of authenticity, (your soul), the other souls around you have no choice but to recognize the communication of authenticity you are providing. Whether their egos allow them to show it or not…their souls recognize and resonate with the authenticity that is being communicated.

Enlightenment is about being aware. Being aware in authentic consciousness. When greeting someone throughout your day and saying Namaste, whether directly to them or in your mind as you greet them, is a tool that reminds us to be aware. Be enlightened. Understand who you are and who everyone else truly is…spiritual beings having a human experience that is sometimes and often distorted by what the ego has determined as true meaning. It is not for us to pass judgment on their ego but rather to remain in awareness to mitigate our own.

This week, as you encounter people, at work, at home, in the grocery store, at the mall, at the gas station…remain aware of who these people truly are by allowing the Divine light in you to acknowledge the Divine light in them. Pay attention to how differently you see people when you greet them from a place of authenticity. Notice how they immediately open up and offer the same in return. Identify with their spirit instead of their body and watch how a new sense of what is truly real unfolds. The Divine light in you is looking to sift through the made up stories of your ego to provide you with a true and authentic perspective of yourself and all of those around you. Namaste.

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