2016 Week 2 – How Can I Use the Law Of Attraction To My Advantage?


As we begin this second year journey of Align to Enlighten we will pick up where we left off in 2015 on several concepts and topics, some maybe familiar while others maybe not so much. It is our intention however, to provide food for thought on things we have learned and are learning along our journey that will hopefully resonate with you. For this blog edition, we would like to address a question posed to us regarding Law of Attraction.

How Can I Use the Law Of Attraction To My Advantage?

If you can understand that everything is energy, then hopefully you can also understand that everything you think, believe, and feel consists of energy. Your attitude, your mood, anything you choose to give your attention to at any given point throughout your day – VIBRATES! We are vibrational human beings, emitting a frequency at all times, even when we’re asleep. As we as humans emit frequencies, likewise the universe is emitting a frequency on a much higher level. This frequency/vibration dictates the outcome of physical matter that surrounds you. Thus: YOUR FOCUS HAS THE POWER TO ALTER THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR PHYSICAL CIRCUMSTANCES. This is the LOA simply defined: What you focus your attention on, you will attract more of into your life experience. (I have found it amazing that everything we consider “real” has its basis on what we consider not “real”). Anyway, back to our discussion.

To gain deeper understanding, let’s break this down into a few more steps.

The thing you focus on, and from what belief system, expectation, or assumption you focus on that thing, will determine how you feel.

When you feel good it means that your energy, your vibratory frequency is aligning itself with the same energy, vibratory frequency of the universe. When you feel good your energy is harmonizing with the higher laws of existence, harmonizing with the spiritual laws of the universe.

Remember: Vibrations are always trying to seek its own level, like water, similar also to tuning forks, a dog’s howl, bells ringing in a room, etc. When a tuning fork is tapped it will only cause a second tuning fork to vibrate if it is a vibrational match. Moreover, the stronger vibration will affect the weaker vibration to its tune (interesting).

Likewise, your good feeling means you are a vibrational match to the vibration of higher consciousness. So, when you focus on things, particularly with deliberate intention, with feeling good as your purpose and sole intention—that feeling you generate is the body’s translation of how in sync, how in alignment you are with the laws of the universe. The better you feel the more in alignment you are and the more the universe responds to you.

Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a person on the planet that did not know that when they were born, and there is not a person on the planet that would not benefit by knowing it. — Abraham Hicks

So, how can we use LOA to our advantage? By first knowing that it is real and is working at all times regardless of our understanding or belief in it, same as gravity as we’ve stated before. LOA is always working! The key is being able to use it as leverage for more power in your life. You do this simply by paying attention to how you feel. Your feelings are the indicator as to how LOA is working to your advantage or disadvantage. The more you think about a particular thing the more of that thing you get, whether it’s wanted or unwanted. So to use LOA to your advantage think of and focus your attention only on the things that give you life, and the things that expand your desires. Use LOA to your advantage by focusing your attention only upon what you prefer and what you want, NEVER THE LACK THEREOF (which ironically is where we exert much thought and energy). This is the single best way from our standpoint to leverage LOA!

When we focus and give our attention to what makes us feel good we are lining up with the universal truths of the universe. These are true vibrations that are able to harmonize with and include–instead of oppose–all of existence. When we are looking at something and deliberating choosing to see the best and the good, even when it seems impossible or even unintelligent, when we deliberately choose to look at something unwanted and decide to see only what we prefer, we are then looking through the lens of God, viewing that thing the exact way Source is. This is why we feel empowered and so uplifted when we focus on something that makes us feel we can do anything we truly desire. We’ve all had those moments where we felt invisible, like NO-THING, nothing could stop us from doing and/or having exactly what we wanted. What was that?? At that time, whenever it was, you had the 100% backing of the universe through LOA behind you, working in your favor, orchestrating all circumstances around you, people, events, and situations happening on your behalf.

Likewise when we focus and give our attention to things that makes us feel bad we are misaligning with those same universal truths. And we are not seeing things from God’s view. This is why we feel bad because the way we’re seeing things at that time, is in opposition to the way Source is viewing that same thing. LOA is still continuing to work however, just not to our advantage but rather to our disadvantage by giving us more of what we don’t want. Law of Attraction is a Law! It works all the time, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or otherwise. Use it to your advantage. It exists for our benefit if we choose to leverage it and maximize the potential allowing it to do its job to serve and benefit us rather than oppose and hinder.

All it takes is a little bit of practice to see this LOA work for you. When you begin to realize that you have the power, the co-creative control to effect circumstances in your life, you will never be the same. When you start to believe and then see evidence that supports the fact that this universe is your friend and it is always wanting your best outcome, and that life is set up for you to succeed, you will never be the same person again. Your life will take turns and go down avenues you didn’t even know existed.

We have the ability to focus our attention, our vibration in alignment with the innate love, light, power and endlessness of this Infinite Existence which contains infinite possibilities. This is how you use Law of Attraction to our advantage! Through deliberate training of our focus, we can literally tap into limitless possibilities, and channel that into physical manifestation.

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